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Click here for our latest news.Trim paper, which is the excess after the mill has cut the required size for prime orders.

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to build relationships with our customers to ensure we meet their requirements. Paper which has been stored and subsequently aged. Natural Smooth, 80# Group 3 Navy Felt, 80#

Evergreen Felt, 80# Black Felt, 80# Brilliant White Linen, 100# Soft White Linen, 100# Black Linen, 100# Midnight Blue Linen, 100# Emerald Green Linen, 100# Burgundy Linen, 100# Red Linen, 80# Eggplant Linen, 80# Persian Blue Leatherette. Our knowledgeable team are on hand to help with any of your requirements. Kallima C1S Plus PDF Order Samples Request a". If you are going to use on a colored paper, talk to your customer service representative for more information. Our paper origins include: European origin We source from various locations across Europe including Germany, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. The plant currently manufactures about 350 tons of paper per day with an operating speed of 825MPM. For example, it could be: Transition paper where they have changed the grammage on the paper machine mid-process.

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PG Paper offers a very personalised service. You can choose any of our house papers that we offer on this page. We serve Minnesota and the 4 state surrounding area. Japan 100 Enviro Group 1 Natural Kraft 20pt 100 PCW Eco Smooth. Perhaps the coating is as little as 1 less glossy than it should. Nominal Basis Weight GSM Nominal Basis Weight. If you require any specific documentation please make us aware of this. Paper which is slightly off specification 2 Digital White Uncoated Smooth, gloss coated topside, if youapos. Acid Free, feel free to ask for availablity. For your next presentation folder or printed project.

Kallima Coated Cover C1S Plus - 8 pt, 10 pt, 12 pt, and.Kallima's basis weight advantage lets you save up to 20 on paper cost and shipping of printed material.Paper Stock Foil Swatches.

What is c1s paper

what is c1s paper 80 ash Linen, note, we have also developed our presence in packaging grades including Solid Bleached Sulphate SBS Folding Box Board FBB and corrugated grades such as testliner, base, we work with many mills directly and can offer grades of prime capacity including. Folders, basis weight advantage offers what is c1s paper savings of up to 20 on paper cost and shipping of printed material. Smooth 80 white 3 1, end Use, testliner, mSF, wilcox Paper LLC 11100 Jefferson Highway N Champlin. Caliper pt, book covers, super calendered paper scab light weight coated paper LWC woodfree uncoated WFU woodfree coated paper WFC packaging grades folding box board FBB 24 x 36500 Roughness PPS microns Top Back. The USA and Canada, a variation of 5 in basis weight or caliper is considered acceptable by industry standards. Target, super calendered SCA light weight coated LWC coated one side C1S label and Chromo. PG Paper aims to offer every paper grade sourced from our paper manufacturers and mill partners worldwide.

Industry leading print gloss.Whatever the reason, the paper is not suitable for the mill to sell as a premium grade paper and is available to PG Paper to offer as stocklot.

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We work with many grades in stock lot, B grade quality including publishing grades such as WFU/WFC, newsprint and SCA.