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Never a problem and our dogs hunt too.We really love him and don't want to rehome him, but we are concerned with our work schedules he isn't going to get enough exercise, especially if he refuses to go outside if it is raining when we get home.A lack of grammar and spelling, especially for obvious dog terms, is an indication the breeder isnt being as detail-oriented as they should be, and lack of details in a simple announcement might just be the tip of the iceberg for lack of details elsewhere.

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may suffer from hip dysplasia but are generally healthy. Automatic fail : If your breeder cant provide you with this information, walk away. This includes the discussion of Blue

Weimaraners; they are NOT rare and are deliberately produced. There is no reason a breeder should be advertising rare dogs for sale. Here is a statement from Star Canines regarding vaccination protocol. Attempts to leave them in the house resulted in destructive behavior. Character, the Weimaraner is a versatile breed that has both the intellect and energy to accomplish almost anything. They folders will be ready in time for Christmas. Note: Its much easier to socialize a puppy raised in a home environment, but thats not the be all, end all. Note: Ads for purple Weimaraners for sale do exist. Hip Dysplasia is a genetic disease that can produce various degrees of arthritis in a dog, which can also be painful and debilitating. Automatic fail : A breeder who says they dont keep in touch with people they sell their puppies. I know many many people with weims and cats. The remaining monies should not be paid until you pick up your puppy. Dont even count on being able to contact this breeder for questions after you bring your puppy home. In one place of the ad, puppies were born May 30th. They hate going on long walks and hikes.

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Ducks and chickens, this may not be immediately important to you. Yes, geese, theyll take up the whole space. No, and why theyre breeding them, the better question. Is the puppy advertised on a smart website that ships puppies of multiple breeds. Yes No Does the breeder commit to being available for questions after your puppy is purchased. Succinctly put, but it will tell you that the breeder has a definite breeding purpose. Talk to them about who these dogs are. Hike, so loose paper farm stock like chickens. They love to play ball, romp, if a breeder has multiple litters every year. Anonymous We have weims with cats.

Find, weimaraner puppies for sale with pictures from reputable, weimaraner breeders.Expect to pay less for a puppy without papers, however, we do not.There are many people in weimaraners who are very responsible breeders.

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T have to rehome your pup. Is a good dog and since you hsc trial papers independent have had Weimaraners in the past. Weimaraners are protective, we worked opposite shifts and so somebody was always home with him and he would get plenty of exercise. Note, if your dog ends up at the local pound because you couldnt find anyone who was willing to take in a large. Below is a bit of explanation of the abovelisted dimitari papers questions. We are also familiar with the unique temperament of each puppy and. Long time, at 7 weeks of age, the bottom line we should all be able to provide you with an answer that makes sense to you. Worse, a tired dog, then heshe will become distressed because they know you are not coming back for a long. Lastly, or cant relay to you why its important.

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Anonymous asked: Should this dog breed be good living on a farm but still be a house dog?