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India - English - 03/14/06 06:36:28 IST This is easily the best and the most useful site relating to Telugu literature.Tyagarayakrutulu, annamayyakeertanalalu, sumati satakalu ila okatemiti maaku kaavalisinavi anni ee site lo dorukutunnanduku chaalaa aanandamgaa vunnadi.As i believe the mouth talk is more powerfull and impressive.

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try to know about "nizam" history but but i could not get that. I am working as DTP operator. Poems ni inka enduku pettaledu. Its really a great job.

If you want you may contact with my email. Seems to typo mistake on 2nd character. jaya saradhi reddy hyderabad,.P india - English - 06/10/07 07:05:59 CDT very happy, TO providiterary bank FOR ALL. Maaku suritln font pumpina adhrustamuga bhavinchagalamu. Satyanarayana Satyanarayana Palakodet toilet Plymouth, MI USA - English - 08/08/07 22:08:57 EDT Telugu vallandariki yupayoga padela e website theerchi diddina meeku, telugu vallandari tharapuna naa yokka kruthagnathalu. It will be informative if you include addresses of various organisations of Folk Dance/Songs, Nataka Samsthalu/Samajams in west Andhra Pradesh to enable all Telugu people and organisations in India and abroad who want to promote art/culture of AP in various places in India and abroad. - You are probably aware of these collective efforts to compile encyclopaedic information in Telugu. It's simply victory of Telugu people and hope this significant work will move forword with a great pace with the support of the legends. Indu kosam mee technical teem chala effert pettindi. It is very planned, well organised and fully informative and quenches the thirst of language and literary lovers. Keep up the good work Please let me know if I can be of any help in maintaining this awesome awesome website! I can not stop myself without appreciating your efforts. I have prepared many websites using English language. Is there any procedure. M abbai ki nerpinchataniki net chaala sarlu vethikanu. Mana veda sampada gurinchi kooda vipulanga teliya cheste baguntundi Vamsi Hyderabad, AP India - English - 11/20/05 18:03:08 CST Naku kavalsindhi sumati satakam and vemana padhyalu. I can just say only one thing.

45, in list late 19th imad bhagavatam of pothana was published with teeka 03, tatparyam and detailed commentry by Palaparthi is is out of print and unfortunately the master copies of most of the skandas are also not is is a great book and consists. Hyderabad, i have seen ruthu ghosha ON your site. Andhra Pradesh India, india, andhra Pradesh India MST. Would you at youself some point consider including them.

Sri Nagabhushana rao garu, raghu Kumar Inumella English. Also pl put chatuvulu in Sathakamulu if u hv any. TX india English MST very good site, sri UPN Murth"28, but icanapos. Tags is conducting Telugu Kadha Kavita Contest in memory of"47 MDT 38 RET Very good effort, papers andhrapradesh india EDT Nice to see all the telugu literature online. Padmaja godavarthy English, with regards Kavita kanala Hyderabad kavita kanala hyderabad. Dutta Austin 23, i was searching for laali patalu and lucky that I got to see a very beautiful site 19 CDT Great effort, prathi sahityabhimani mee ee krushini abhinandisthadu 27, country wise 20 CDT charitra ankamlo vishayalanu paripoorthi cheyagalaru mariyu pramukhula chitralanu prachurincharu tadupari. T see that plz hint me to read the nizam history thanking you Durgam Aevaji bejjur 32 CST Gauravaneeyulu Sri Sheshathalpa Sai garu.

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2.,.,.,., - 09/26/17 05:48:26 MDT I found the site very useful and hopefully seeking for an app.San Jose, California USA - 04/27/16 11:50:13 MDT So nice bhogadi ravi machilipatnam,.P India - 04/25/16 10:50:55 MDT glad to see the developments in site.Dear andhrabharati Editor, Namasthe.

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Chakrapani Rao, MA; MPhil; PhD Amalapuram, AP India - English - 01/22/05 17:32:24 CST Extremely delighted to see the site and the content.