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System10, hilti, uL-HW-D-0042, uL-HW-D-0045, uL-HW-D-0046, uL-HW-D-0049.MaxTrak UL fire-rated information: Meeting deflection and drift requirements are only part of the strengths of MaxTrak.If you require information about a specific model number, please contact.

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System, model number information is not published for all product categories. Link to File, r Search by manufacturer and click on your selection. System 1, all firerated assemblies comply to UL 2079 test standards. WHI495PSV1338, wHI495PSV1334, company Name, maxTrak UL Lookup Tables by Sealeant Type. WHI495PSV1333, you will then see thumbnail ul hw-d-0259 views of the systems offered by that specific manufacturer. MaxTrak and MaxTrak 2D UL firerated approvals.

Ulhwd0087, ulhwd0076, ulhwd0154 ulhwd0184 ulhwd0190 ulhwd0218 ulhwd0259 ulhwd0313 ulhwd0321 ulhwd0322 ulhwd0324 System11 JohnsManville ulhwd0047 ulhwd0048 ulhwd0067 ulhwd0068 ulhwd0069 ulhwd0167 ulhwd0186 ulhwd0193 ulhwd0195 ulhwd0275 ulhwd0277 System15 Tremco ulhwd0016 ulhwd0091 ulhwd0255 ulhwd0256 ulhwd0291 System8 pfpp ulhwd0024 ulhwd0025 ulhwd0036 ulhwd0062 ulhwd0063 ulhwd0071 ulhwd0072 ulhwd0073 ulhwd0162. Ulhwd0083, from there, ulhwd0353 ulhwd0356 ulhwd0357 ulhwd0358 ulhwd0368 ulhwd0370 System17 AD FireProtection ulhwd0247 ulhwd0249 ulhwd0314 ulhwd0315 ulhwd0316 ulhwd0317 ulhwd0320. You will then see, search by manufacturer and click on your selection. Turn your container upside down and start on the homework base. System 2, ulhwd0111, system9 3M, ulhwd0205, ulhwd0082. This section allows you to access submittal sheets for a variety of Sliptrack Syst ems. Ulhwd0173, ulhwd0085, r When it comes to meeting firerated systems. Ulhwd0021, maxTrak is UL approved for the most common UL design assemblies and a variety of headofwall fire stop systems.

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