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There is no limit on the length of the final draft.Whereas the Results describe the data, the Discussion is the place to highlight the importance of your findings and put them in the context of the field.If you wish to work with a faculty member working on a research project you will need to take the following steps.

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work, then he or she may submit a lower grade. These rules and guidelines apply to all undergraduates, with variations that apply to students majoring in Business

Biomedical Engineering, and Architecture (more details below.). A fine arts student with an interest in painting, for example, might want to do a show with his or her own paintings instead of a written Honors Thesis. 5) Plan on documenting the whole work through pictures and text so that the program has evidence of your work. This is required as part of the Prospectus that all students submit, and faculty readers review and sign. Submission: The Schreyer Honors College requires electronic thesis submission; please see their website for the relevant submission dates. Style: The document demonstrates that the author has a clear command of the English language. This approach assumes that your hypothesis is already well developed and has guided your experiments.

Study the a0 paper size south africa formatting guidelines, an abstract is typically 200400 words and outlines the hypothesis and the key conclusions of the work. Both your advisor and the Honors Program Chair have to agree that the thesis is acceptable. Etc, it must contain a working bibliography. You are expected to bring your thesis to the Writing Center to receive additional outside input on your writing fundamentals and style. However, for more specific guidance students should see their thesis advisors or the undergraduate advisors of their majors or schools. The student will only receive payment. All tables mia paper planes gunshots and graphs should provide an indication of the original source at the bottom.

Guidelines for Faculty Faculty Thesis Guidelines.Honors Cords for Graduation Single red cords for graduation are available for purchasing in the University Bookstore for undergraduate Senior Honors Thesis students.Bound Thesis All UH theses must be maroon with gold etching on the bound cover.

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An physics honors thesis should demonstrate in a manner appropriate to its field the equivalent of roughly two semesters worth of major course projects. And the actual observations, students paper in the arts often have different objectives from students in all other disciplines. No later than midway through your junior year.

The thesis is likely to be one of the most challenging and rewarding assignments of a students undergraduate career.Rich, Science East 164 the semester before you wish to work on the Thesis.It is divided into three sections: 1) Student created research theses; 2) Faculty directed research thesis; 3) Creative Projects.

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We will expect a talk about your work during your show.