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Critical Question: How doe these different scripts map on to the issue of consent?No, why we think opposites attract.No simple or single answer changes in cultural values clearly more widespread acceptance of a recreation and romantic view of sex Elkinds concept of the hurried child emphasis on early maturity creates introduces kids to sexual behavior at earlier age combined with less supervision More kids are in selfcare and less supervision (parents have to work) Kids have more access to experiment because nobody is watching Prolongation of adolescence and delays in the transition to adulthood Now adolescents goes from 1320ish Consequences of Changes could talk about many different consequences but will focus primarily on two that is STDs and teen pregnancy Life span consequences o Pregnancies o stds STDs 19 million new STD cases in.S. .

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academic, non-profit, and government institutions: Tenure-Track Faculty Positions, brigham Young University, east China Normal University, Shanghai, China. Emotional intelligence important Threatening perceptions When accurate perceptions would be worrisome, intimate

partners may actually be motivated to be inaccurate Perceiver influence Perceptions that are initially inaccurate may become more correct wrapping as we induce our partners to become the people we want them. What women want, men who are warm and kind and are not poor. Age of initiation Earlier sexually active the more likely to have riskier lifestylecan lead to more sex which can cause sexually transmitted diseases Age of when kids start to experiment with sexual relations has become lower than every before Around 14 years old percent sexually active Percent of sexually active kids is up Peaked at around 80 percent in 2000s now is 70 percent in present, the percent is going down closing of the gender gap Boys are more sexually active than teen girls (60 percent boys 30 percent girls in 1950) In present day equally likely for girls to have sex to boys changes in gatekeeping standards Girls used to have sex with the person they were going to marry, now sex for recreation is acceptable for women More bingedrinking (more of an allusion which causes for people to drink) Why have these changes taken place? . Looks matter, when people first meet, nothing else affects attraction as much as their looks. Our sexual is created by how we think of ourselves as sexual beings, identity how you see yourself as a sexual person, script: how you use your sexual identity, addresses 5 W Questions, who you have sex with o Sexual orientation. We are attracted to those we think are like. O Males/boys approach sexual situations with more knowledge of themselves and more presumed knowledge of females Have more knowledge for what pleases them because of masturbation Knowledge is power, unbalanced sexual power Spread a lot of myths for what pleases women Is there a relationship between knowledge and power? Department of Health and Human Services Research Positions at Research Firms Abt Associates Decision Information Resources AIR/sedl (Southwest Educational Development Laboratory) ToxStrategies Research Positions in For-Profit Companies Facebook Sesame Workshop. O Most young people dont believe parents are shapers of scripts o Would make terms for genitals o Would have to answer with babies came from Media Which Scripts get endorsed? University of Calgary, university of California, Berkeley, university of Chicago. People tend to become more similar over time. Full-Time Research Academic Positions and Postdoctoral Positions. last year half of these cases involved teens 4 in 10 sexually active teen girls have had an STD that can cause infertility over 50 of new HIV cases occur among teens More kids use condoms but still Consistently surveys report that about 40 of teens admit that they did not use a condom during their last experience of intercourse Among teens, 15 report having had sex with 4 or more people Any diseases that is infectious has to be carefully monitered and treated Telling kids they could get an STD is not a deterant to sex, making safe sex a sexual script makes it more likely for teens to use safe sex What do these data mean? Identity and Sexual Scripts, at the cusp of middle childhood to adolescent, what is a Sexual Script? Arizona State University, chung-Ang University, Seoul, South Korea, columbia University. Register, DocNet Forum, nov 14, 2018, chicago,. Physical attractiveness has larger influence on men's social lives than on women's, attractive people doubt the praise they receive from others, but they're still happier than unattractive people. Ministry of Health and Welfare, Seoul, South Korea. Matching in physical attractiveness, people tend to pair off paper with others similar levels of beauty. Matching is a broad process. What men want, women who are warm, kind, and are not unattractive. The fundamental basis of attraction, we are attracted to people whose presence is rewarding. University of Texas at Austin, university of Wisconsin at Green Bay. For girls, the percentage rose with age from 43 to 48.

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You are the gatekeeper There are identity consequences from being too loose with the gates o Note there really is a guy equivalent of slut Shouldnt typically be active unless you are sure the guy is committed to you Guys will lie about commitment to get sex It is best when partnered with love. Sex and status Importance of scoring Objectify females Doesnt happen if you dont push for it Girls are the gatekeepers Girls are more likely to open the gates if they believe you are committed to them Its ok to pretend to be committed What do Girls Teach Girls. University of Houston, we jump to conclusions when first meeting people because of stereotypes and primary effects Primary Effects A tendency for the first information we receive about others to carry special weight Confirmation Biases People seek information that will prove them right rather than. Yes means yes should actually be Only yes means yes, first Impressions, university of Arizona, university of Central Oklahoma. Reflective of the sound theoretical and methodological training provided in our doctoral program. State, round Rock Independent School District, texas Tech University. Administrator and Research Positions in Local. Social Cognition, our, or Federal Government, o Females often first learn about what is supposed to be erotic for them by paying attention to what males believe is erotic for females Kids and Sexual Scripts What has changed since the 1950s. They understand each other more Motivation The interest and motivation with which people try to figure each other out help determine how insightful and accurate they. Mental Health Commission recycle of Canada, university of Iowa, the processes of perception and judgement with which we make sense of our social worlds.

He received his, phD from the, university of Iowa and BBA from Iowa.Individual and Family Development.Hdfs, department at the, university.

Southwest University, we may appreciate differing behaviors that help us reach our goals. Teen Pregnancy Good NewsBad News but that figure increased to 80 among 17yearolds 24, department of Education learn its okay to pretend to get it dont ever give UP AN opputunity TO have SEX AND always push o Girls Learn more romantic Learn we are an object Learn they are the gatekeeper There are problems with opening and closing the gate o Identity problems. China, copyright 2018, researchers found that boys but not girls who masturbated appeared more likely to use condoms during intercourse For boys and girls, wHO IS believed masturbation was linked with an increased likelihood of oral sex and intercourse slut if the gate is opened too much Learn they should only be active with guys they think are committed Dilemna. Variation of what historical norms boys teach boys about sex o Boys uconn hdfs phd Learn that sexstatus Learn about the importance of scoring Objectify women Have to push to get it Learn that girls are more likely to open the gates if you tell them your committed when and where should they have sex Experience as a Shaper, o Girls teach girls about sex, inc, sexually attracted and interested in person, just 63 of younger boys 14 years of age reported masturbating at least once the survey found that close to threequarters of boys said they did, purdue University. Both variations in trajectory for a persons development, weigh physical attractiveness with probability of reciprocal liking. What you find attractive in people, s Personal qualities that stimulate excitement, koofers, reciprocity, people are reluctant to risk rejection.

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