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Start by spray painting the outside and inside of the tube.Toilet paper rolls white paint scissors construction paper paper plate, i had  3 toilet paper rolls and cut slits into them of varying widths.

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before she moved on and wanted me to wash her hands. Next, fold a flattened ring in half and glue it in between two of the main petals. Then

slice it into equal size rings. So I decided to put my collection of cardboard cylinders to good use, making something decorative for our flat for the holidays. Try these other fun holiday crafts too. Next time Ill make one roll with varying widths of slits ifs indian forest service question papers to get a different look because I made each one f the same size. Repeat all the way around, and then add a second folded ring inside each of the ones you just glued into place. This time I wanted to create something different, and I was instantly inspired by photos of snowflakes in my Pinterest feed.

These were super easy to make paper and they came out really cute. She was stamping so hard there was paint splashing everywhere on her. Flatten all the rolls, step 2, i had been collecting our empty toilet paper paper and paper towel rolls for months.

For each toilet roll used, you'll end up with two.I had 3 toilet paper rolls and cut slits.

Toilet paper rolls into snowflakes

Recycled crafts for holiday decor, t bring much with me to Switzerland. Sprinkle glitter on another piece of paper and press the snowflake into the glitter while the glue is still wet. This toddler activity was super quick to set up and I let her create as long as she wanted. Step 4, the bonuses disappear on Friday, they both love messy theano paper play so even though my toddler had a wonderful time her brother enjoyed it just as much. The fun part, cut into 1 inch segments of different lengths. Sept, we wont be using those, you will use the big and small part of this segment. And you should have 36 pieces. Each of the tubes are flattened. My daughter had a blast stamping to her hearts content with our diy snowflake stamps.

To make the big snowflake: Step 1: Flatten each toilet paper or paper towel roll and mark off 1 inch segments along both sides of its length or the thickness you prefer with a sharpened pencil.Step 5: Once you have your snowflake done and the glue is set up, spray paint and let dry.What youll need: Paper towel or toilet rolls to provide segments.

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This is why I always have a stash of toilet paper and paper towel rolls, you can create so many things with them.