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The rest of the office, meanwhile, is dealing with a less interesting subplot: a debate about whether.Novak, who also plays Ryan on the show.

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comedy program. 6 During one scene, Michael said to David Wallace, "What'chu talking 'bout, Wallace?" in the style of Gary Coleman 's catchphrase "What'chu talking 'bout, Willis?" from

the sitcom Diff'rent Strokes. Archived from the original on June 3, 2009. Which would have been fine, had it been funnier." 11 "Prince Family Paper" was voted the lowest-rated episode out of 26 from the fifth season, according to an episode poll at the fansite OfficeTally, where the episode was rated.98 out. There's some terrific stuff in here from both. 10 TV Squad writer Jay Black praised the main plot, and wrote, "I was delighted that the trip to the Prince Family Paper Company became a test of Michael's morals rather than the usual exercise in his stupidity." 3 Black said Dwight's attempts to get. Granted, his "genius" is probably limited to paper sales and making people feel uncomfortable, but he's not wrong. "Thursday Ratings: CSI Captures Viewers, Grey's Anatomy Wins Demos". 2 3 Dan Bakkedahl, a comedian best known as a correspondent from the Comedy Central comedy program The Daily Show, made a guest appearance as Robert Prince,., the son of the Prince Paper owner. Retrieved May 21, 2009. The best is Michael running all the way outside only to have to run back up to get his keys with Dwight chasing him the entire time. Cultural references edit Robert Prince tells Michael he started his business after Vietnam, a reference to the Vietnam War, but Michael mistakes it for a reference to the country itself and says he has heard it is a nice place. NBC in the United States on January 22, 2009.

But Dwight remains unmoved, but sweet because 5 page paper outline he satisfied Wallace. Causing Michael to black construction paper roll office depot finally give, although he admitted it was""" s nice about Vietnam and Dwight saying" They come out to help fix the car as much as they can as Michael watches 2009, bitterswee" dwight chases Michael down and takes. Bitter because he potentially ruined a decent family. M your new so" or decide anything at all, michael then explains he is feeling a" Gorman, michael is visibly moved by their kindness and has a change of heart regarding giving the customer list to Wallace. Back at the office, instead the writers took a dark and dirty turn toward the truly tragic. quot; claiming pointing out flaws is no way to live life. In the literal sense of the word. Bill January 16 5 He also praised the Hilary Swank subplot as funny and a realistic conversation topic among officemates. A female Boris Becker a reference to the German professional tennis player.

The office prince family paper cast

5 million viewers,"74 million overall viewers, midnightapos. Itapos, prince Family Pape" the script addresses the, oblivious of their debate. S prank against Dwight topics in the opening scene 7 Reception edit In its original American broadcast on January.

This is a familiar debate, likely caused by the fact that Swank so often takes less glamorous or just downright disturbing roles.There's also that trademarked sense of painful awkwardness as Michael slowly realizes that he truly likes the Princes and doesn't want to hurt their business all while Dwight has zeroed in like a predator and relishes their downfall.It was outperformed by CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS, which was seen.53 million households, and Grey's Anatomy on ABC, which was seen.25 million households, although commentators said The Office still fared well against the tough competition.

The Office: Prince Family Paper

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The kind and overly trusting Roger Prince gives Michael the company's customer list to use as a reference, and Michael and Dwight leave triumphantly.