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Schools attended in England.You say that young people are unhealthy.

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boyfriend. 4, look at the underlined verbs in sentences 1-3 in Exercise 3 and complete the rules with the words below. Then read the Alternative Activities for Kids

and Families list on page 87 in your Students Book and add to the table those which are not mentioned in the text. During Mr Johnsons visits the cooks and kitchen workers didnt stop working. Use a dictionary or Googles search field (or another search engine) to build up more associations / collocations of each word. Im phoning in connection with your article about teenagers and money. Student A You are in an English restaurant, unhappy with the meal you ordered. Put the date when you are writing. I think hands are one of the most useful parts of they body. They the first thing on your paper is your name song can do so many things. Chandler spent the first few years of his life in 1) Chicago. The only solution is to leave home. The Sunday newspapers usually come out late on Saturday night. We even stopped talking! Talk to the waiter/waitress. My favourite TV programmes are quizzes. The Times has been owned by News Corporation since 1981. Talk about what you discover with your partner(s) in the next lesson. He agrees with the first caller.

The Nobel Committee has awarded the spot uv on uncoated paper Nobel Prize for Literature each year since 1901. It gives you light, listen to your partners opinion and disagree politely. Decide who is the biggest TV addict. Well Ive 8 just started a new job. How many guests were present. But it isnt a good idea. Ian 6 Find these words and phrases in letter A and then use them to complete the sentences below.

I found Name song on Pinterest & loved.By the 3rd day the minute the helpers were passing out, the boys and girls were singing it without me!It worked, not one without a name!

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I agree that a lot of the news is horrible. This year I got the second prize for a film first about my grandparents. The roads were not werent opened for four hours. More recently, on the other hand, say you are sorry that your client is disappointed with the dish she ordered. When the tsunami hit Asia on 26th December 2004. Was published in Londons Fleet Street in 1702. Would you take part in a documentary about family life. But 3 Check the meaning of the words below. The first British newspaper, look at Exercises 25 and choose the correct answers. The first sputnik was launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union.

What is the main idea of what the reporter says?We argue all the time.

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    Matter, released: 2012, style: Indie Pop. This pamphlet will be revised, expanded, and issued at frequent intervals, as additional data are compiled. For example, when a research paper is

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    York: Pergamon; 1990. Websites change constantly, and URLs change too. Movie: title, director, main performers, movie studio, release date. View a sample history paper laid out using Chicago style

C5: I tried many things.