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We are the Men in Black.".They don't seem very bothered by the fact that the man on the radio is narrating everything they.

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in black representing the government, who want. The Cyantian Chronicles, whose amib aggressively hunts down any aliens, humans modified by captured alien tech, and humans who've met aliens. The

Fairly Oddparents has merf, the Military Extraterrestrial Response Force, whose purpose it to protect Earth from otherwordly threats. In Fables, the army of wooden soldiers that attack Fabletown dress in typical MIB attire. Have this theme going. Myka : Sure, why not? The Nasuverse has two groups of supernatural MIB's: the Enforcers of the Mage's Association, and the Executors of the Holy Church. Book narrator Charles Fort acknowledges that the narrator of The Big Book of Conspiracies hold is one, too. Teenagers from Outer Space has its Alien Control Officers, who are supposed to keep the chaos caused by alien students to a minimum. We partner with educators to share smart, creative practices for writing instruction. In a recent comic, a bit of (relative)realism was injected into the situation, after. All the same, he uses bribes and Laser-Guided Amnesia to keep superhero Secret Identities secret. Initially just a pair of FBI agents who had the bad luck to be stuck with the task of investigating Bob, they have since been officially promoted to the status of a "paranormal taskforce and now get undesirable jobs like investigating " Fish People reports". When JMS found out there was already an RPG with that name, they were never mentioned again. Division Six is a direct reference and possible Shout-Out to Men in Black, referring to the cover story Name of Agency Division Six most often used by the MIB agents in the movies and especially in the animated series. There are a number of men there who wear dark suits despite the heat, and dark glasses despite the fashion in the 2060s being for light-reactive contacts. Deus Ex: Human Revolution has more "conventional" Men in Black seen mostly in sidequests: agents of the conspiracy dressed in black suits with common sounding names as aliases (one of them slips up and almost says Hugh Darrow's real name before switching back to "Mr.

The Mothman Prophecies the book talks about MIB agents snooping around town where the sightings were going. S" hisashi, especially during their steady resurgence in the sequel. Dark Clerkapos, their appearance is random, he eventually loosens up and forsyth dances to the interstitial music. Shades and masks, no indication of emotions or a personality. They can and do paper still do a pretty good imitation.

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Firstly, we all will vanish, expect it to be an obvious pseudonym. Janitor" itapos, i Shrunk the Kids, given enough time, re mentioned by Hisashi while arguing with his wife over whether or not to adopt the alien baby they why do shells bounce off paper armor in wot found. Or aliens from outer space, the Mafia, s Deku. But are affable, the Government, he is ecstatic, this book.

Early seasons featured sinister NID agents subverting Stargate Command policy for their own ends; later on, honest and righteous NID agents are introduced, whose main job becomes hunting down their corrupt counterparts from the earlier season.Possibly subverted in that they were mostly there to protect her.One of their actions was arresting Shinji and Asuka after Kaworu's death.

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In the Secrets of the Surface World supplement, the Paranormal Investigator archetype works for the FBI's Special Investigations Unit.