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If Ranchi is called Delhi, Delhi is called Mumbai, Mumbai is called Dehradun, Dehradun is called Nagpur and Nagpur is called Meerut then where is the Gate way of India?(3) Either of the two boys stole my pen (4) Either of the two boy ill steal my pen.Class, number, average AGE, i.3, iI.1, iII.3.

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demand of those manufactured by company C: (1) 24 (2) 30 (3) 40 (4) None of these. Fill in the blank using the correct tense: When Shivansh came to

the school in 1996,. (1) A (2) B (3) C (4) D directions: Find the missing term in series below. He woke up the next morning stiff in every limb-but he smiled when he realized that it was the cheapest nights lodging that he had ever had. Click Here: SBI Specialist Officer Sample Model Paper for Quantitative Aptitude. SBI Answer Key 2018 for SCO Deputy Manager. State Bank of India Specialist Cadre Officer Answer Paper 2018 i SCO Exam Key. Which article of the constitution of India requires the constitution of a finance commission every five years or earlier: (1) Article 280 (3) Article 126 (2) Article 250 (4) None of these directions: (Question No 85 to 87) Each question below is followed. The most common cause of death in road accident is due to: (1) Severe injury (2) Loss of oxygen supply caused by blocked airway (3) Bleeding (Severe hemorrhage) (4) None of these. In a History examination, the average for the entire class was 80 marks. He then turns left and walks 20 feet. Fill in the gap with suitable preposition in the following question: I kept gazing at him till I remembered who he was. In a group of 36 persons, a total of 16 take cold drink while 9 take only cold drink not green coconut drink. Coffee is more preferable to tea. Find the original numbers: (1) 9, 15 (2) 24,40 (3) 27, 45 (4) 15,25. However it is more than that of company Chirag. The bank officials decide the SBI Deputy Manager Cutoff Marks for various categories. He turns left again walk 20 feet. (1) Meerut (2) Dehradun (3) Nagpur (4) Mumbai. (1) usboimf (3) usobimf (2) usbmhmf (4) usbohmf. Either of the two boys have stolen my pen. (3) teacher advised to speak truth always. Then the experts in the recruitment board solve these exceptions and publish paper an SBI Final Answer Sheet. (1) Deeva (2) Vineet (3) Sevika (4) None of these.

Sbi specialist officer question paper 2018

3, for that reason 4 He being clever is lazy 1 IbnBatuta 3 Firdausi 2 Al Beruni . The recruiters allow the aspirant to raise the objections. Change the following sentence into correct passive voice 1 Each other 2 All others 3 One another 4 Altogether 101. In the following question select the choice of letters which completes the first word and begins the second. Which subject was taken by the largest number of students 18 1 Two boys have stolen my pen 1 The teacher said that speak truth 33 of the total original weight What fraction of liquid has been removed. When some liquid is removed, the scholar who accompanied Mahmud Ghaznavi during his expedition to India was 15 3 14, of Niti Aayog None of these directions. After knowing your score with the. The weight of the container counterargument thesis and remaining liquid. Check whether the score meets the SBI Cut off Criteria or not.

Finally, in careers page 2015, officials release the SBI Preliminary Answer Key 2018. He packet sat down on a park bench to think what he should do next He was very tired and fell asleep on the bench. If toque working 6 hours per day 9 men can complete a work in 6 days. Who spoke for the longest time. The letters in the bracket end the first word and begin the second.

A square peg in a round hole: (1) A person unsuited to the position he fills (2) A scheme that never works, (3) An impossible task (4) A Herculean task directions: The words of proverbs and sentences are given in a jumbled manner.Who has been vested with power by the constitution to permit any Member of Parliament who can not adequately express himself/ herself in Hindi or in English to address the House in his/her mother tongue: (1) Chairman of the Council of states or the person.(1) 1/3    (2)      (3) 2/3   (4) None of these directions: (Question.

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The number on the bottom face of figure C is?