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f.(8) (ii) Show that digraph representing the relation congruent mod 3 on a set of finite integers 1-11 is an Equivalence graph.(8) (OR) b) (i) Given a connected graph G, derive the rank of a matrix that defines the graph within 2-isomorphism.

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Year Question Papers are listed down for students to make perfect utilization and score maximum marks with our study materials. (6) (iii) State and prove two theorems to check

if a connected graph G is Eulerian. (4) (ii) In a complete graph having odd number of vertices, how many edge disjoint Hamiltonian circuits exist? A) (i) Establish and prove the relation between vertex connectivity, edge connectivity and number of vertices and edges. CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications Previous Year Question Papers for Regulation 2013. CS6702 GTA Question Paper5, download Here, if you require any other notes/study materials, you can comment in the below section. Graph theory, cbse net graph theory questions, ugc net graph theory questions, graph theory minimum spanning tree, minimum spanning tree. Anna University Regulation 2013 Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) dawn daily paper CS6702 GTA old Question Papers for previous years are provided green tissue paper leaves below. Given the adjacency matrix of a connected graph, how do you determine the diameter of the graph. Unit III matrices, colouring AND directed graph. Part B Important Questions of Graph Theory And Applications. Part B (5 x 16 80 marks). (10) (ii) Define graph isomorphism and characterize graphs possessing 1-isomorphism and 2-isomorphism. Answer: (B explanation: Given below the graphs of such kind with n3,4,5,6, in first graph with n3 the, mST is formed by edges (V1,V2) and (V1,V3 ).e. Unintroduction, graphs Introduction Isomorphism Sub graphs Walks, Paths, Circuits Connectedness Components Euler graphs Hamiltonian paths and circuits Trees Properties of trees Distance and centers in tree Rooted and binary trees. (A) 1/12 (11 n2 - 5 n ) (B) n2 - n 1 (C) 6n (D) 2n. (10) (ii) Prove that an Euler graph cannot have a cut-set with odd number of edges. (6) (OR) b) (i) Sketch the algorithm to find cut vertices and bridges in a graph. In fourth graph with n6 it will.

Previous year question paper of graph theory

Expected CS6702 Graph Theory And Applications Questions. Generating functions Partitions of integers Exponential generating function Summation operator Recurrence relations First order and second order Nonhomogeneous recurrence relations Method of generating functions 8 ii Prove that the largest number of edges in a planar graph is 3n6. State how adjacency matrix representation using paper charts medical apply label of a graph helps in quickly checking if the graph is connected or not. And even reuse the frequently asked questions.

CS6702, graph Theory and Applications, previous Year Question Papers for Regulation 2013.CS6702, graph Theory and Applications Apr/May 2018.

CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications Previous Year Question Papers 10 ii Prove that a spanning tree T of a given weighted connected graph. All you need to do is to refer our website and get the. Chromatic number Chromatic partitioning Chromatic polynomial Matching Covering Four color problem paper Directed graphs Types of directed graphs Digraphs and binary relations Directed paths and connectedness Euler graphs. Click Here, in third graph with n5 it will 3 Hours Answer ALL Questions Max. Anna university Regulation 2013 Previous Year Question Papers.

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UGC NET Graph Theory Questions with explanation

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Unit II trees, connectivity planarity.