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Will normally be up to 120 minutes in  length and examined as a live presentation in the School of  Music-Conservatorium or other pre-arranged venue.What else do I need to submit with my thesis copies?

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faculty. PhD (Music Performance) The PhD (Music Performance) is undertaken by 100 research and results in two assessable components: a performance project and a thematically related written exegesis. Overall

recommendations: Pass (MPhil degrees require an overall grade where appropriate straight, the student be paper awarded the degree without further amendments or examination. Monash permits doctoral students to submit a thesis including published works. Section 7: Referees Referee Reports You must provide details of at least two referees who have informed personal and professional knowledge of your academic ability and who may exercise judgement of your research potential. While the standard of argument required in a DPsych thesis is of equal depth to a traditional PhD thesis, the DPsych thesis is shorter and therefore the scope of the DPsych research project and discussion is necessarily more limited. You will need to indicate that you have read and understood the requirements, plus evidence must be uploaded. Once your final thesis copy has been certified by your supervisor or Head of Department, you are required to upload: the following into the. The accompanying critical component can take the form of an exegesis or other work of scholarly research, or be a combination of both: a scholarly exegesis which comments directly on the creative work (for example, from the perspective of a particular theory; or with. The critical commentary should demonstrate that the candidate has developed a research-based argument that provides a conceptual basis for the submitted compositions. The creative work should be no more than 25,000 words and constituted by a novel or a group of short stories or work of creative non-fiction, a play or a group of plays or a sequence of poems, or a portfolio of works of various. The award of the Research Masters by Research and Coursework degree depends on the results for both coursework and thesis components. The merit descriptions are based on the agreement between Go8 Deans of Graduate Research, Australia to enable appropriate bench marking. Theses in this format should still demonstrate a sustained theme, and should include clear statements on the students contribution to any co-authored work. Work submitted for a higher doctorate degree may include conjointly authored work provided the conjoint work is clearly indicated and satisfactory evidence is produce to show the applicant was responsible for the major portion of the work. The folio of music compositions must also include the concert program notes and a critical commentary on the compositions. Number of pages, Status, Year of Publication, Number of Authors (and position Quality and contribution. Documents: Official academic transcripts from the awarding institution A list of all units attempted, marks and grades achieved (including failures) An explanation of the grading schema/s Section 5: Awards, Prizes Scholarships You are able to upload up to five additional documents, which may detail research. An examiner is under an obligation to maintain confidentiality and in no circumstance should the thesis or any part of the examination process be discussed with a third party without the prior approval of the Monash University Graduate Education. All applicants must satisfy our, english Language Proficiency (ELP) requirement. . Once the examination is complete, the examiner should return the DVD/video, written dissertation and, if relevant, the written performance text together with their report. This includes links to each facultys list of research specialisations. The creative work should be constituted by a novel or a group of short stories or work of creative nonfiction, a play or a group of plays or a sequence of poems (book length, approximately 100 pages or a portfolio of works of various genres.

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A research timeline template is available to help ul hw-d-0259 you through all stages of your research thesis. The examination can be based on either a performance of the text or the written text itself. Publications If you have any publications.

Thesis by Publication (known as, thesis including published works).All doctoral and MPhil candidates, including staff candidates, are permitted to submit.All doctoral and research master s students are permitted to submit a thesis including published works, in accordance with section.9 of the Graduate.

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They, end of April 2 31 May End of June 3 31 August End of September 4 31 October End of November English language proficiency paper bakeware australia ELP test results 000 words, a thesis examiner is what is the abstract of an apa paper required only to judge the merit of the thesis 000 words. Or be a combination of both. If you are applying for a parttime scholarship. Note, qualifications Academic results and qualifications You must provide. Or with, you must upload a document detailing the compelling social reasons why you are unable to study fulltime including a medical certificate if applicable. A scholarly exegesis which comments directly on the creative work for example. If a revised performance project is required and the original examiner is prepared to act as examiner for the revised work. The accompanying critical component can take the form of an exegesis or other work of scholarly research.

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Masters by research and Coursework The expected length of a thesis submitted for Research Masters by Research and Coursework is 20,000-25,000 words.