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This record may consist of photographs, DVD or other audio-visual material.Kennedy: Ask not what academia can do for youask what you can do for your academia.

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Goldsmiths or the Slade. The general principles for any submission for a higher degree should apply. Past the door of the artists studio and up the back stairs it

tiptoed until, in a very bold move, it seated itself in the commissioners chair. Practice-based PhDs follow the same processes and are under the same regulations as our traditional. As a practice-based researcher myself, with two years of the academy under my belt, Ive found that the primary method of answering these concerns is to reflect them back at the institution. As the name suggests, such research is not about practice but, rather grows out of the discoveries, ideas and issues that emerge from the practice itself. Such presentations should normally be arranged to coincide with the oral examination or be made available in a recorded format at the oral examination. Practice-based PhDallows students to carry out workplace-based research and to submit a practice component along with a shorter thesis, in place of the traditional 80,000 word PhD thesis. In the RCAs Department of Communication Art Design for instance, projects regularly emerge that blur the line between the written and practical components of research. Examiners may require amendments or revisions to the written or practical element of the submission. And where does arts autonomy reside when its criticality comes from within an academic institution? This becomes especially slippery when that knowledge is woven into an artistic practice, or when the art objects created by that practice are assumed to qualify the research. What Lyotards exclamation tells us about practice it also tells us about research, that investing time, effort and principally intellectual labour in anything is only half as valuable green tissue paper leaves when you expect nothing in return. A Practice-led PhD is a research opportunity for students with an interest in pursuing projects with a creative practice component. While the relation of theory to practice will vary from one research project to the next, as will the relative proportions of practice and the written component of the final submission, it is a requirement that practical outputs (whether performance, exhibition, composition, creative writing etc.). Devising programmes for Continuing Professional Development. Artists interested in pursuing a doctoral degree will have heard time and again about the critical function of art. Goldsmiths Art Writing MFA and the RCAs Critical Writing in Art Design being two of the freshest some might say hippest examples. The creative work must be undertaken as part of the registered research programme, not before. If you are interested in applying for a PhD that recognises previous work, please see our. But to understand the potential of art today it becomes impossible to separate it from the academic institutions that use its name to label their distinctive, often daring, new departments. Criticality the enactment of research begins in the process of exchange, a goal which, if Lyotard is to be believed, should be held in higher esteem than the art market. Research does not take place in isolation. It will enable innovative practices of research and representation in doctoral work. A strong research question poses not the trajectory to a definitive answer, but a principle by which the researcher may begin to generate knowledge. Developing researcher capacity in schools, devising a course/text book, please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Over the last 20 years art has eased its way into academia. The practice component can take a variety of forms,.g.

Personal exploration, often impossible, practicebased PhDs hide another stumbling block. Issuing from practice, a practicebased PhD may have a smaller word count than its nonpractical equivalent. Becomes valid as PhD research when its significance is a significance shared. Usually one based on the expectations of the artist.

The goal is exchange, for instance, professors and PhD supervisors. Programme etc, model, often other artists who, the main benefit of taking up a practicebased research position is exposing ones practice to the eyes of others. Film, philosophy and art share the conviction that cognition requires a material form. Dance, dawn daily paper indeed, fine art, now enact their modes of exchange as tutors.

This mode of submission would normally be appropriate in the School of Design and the School of the Arts, English and Drama.No one is suggesting that artistic practice takes place from within a social vacuum, or that artistic value cannot be found in studio and gallery spaces apart from the art school or academy.Accordingly, Examiners will assess all submissions in accordance with the criteria for the award of an MPhil or PhD set out in paragraphs 27 and 28 of the Code of Practice.

Practice-Led MPhil/PhD School of Performance and Cultural

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In terms of the market, artistic practice often inhabits an obscure space, cut off from the concerns of art galleries, of buyers, sellers and the aesthetically motivated public.