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How We Did It, though this program looks complex, it was really quite easy!Thoughtful and informative, Wedding Ceremony Programs keep guests engaged by guiding them through a personalized outline of your wedding servicefrom songs and readings to wedding party introductions.

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are all the rage! Size: 10" in length. How We Did It The printed kraft bag was folded over, punched with two evenly spaced holes, and fastened with 1/8 satin ribbon in black ( twine looks great with kraft bags too!). How We Did It 8 1/2 x 11 Japanese pearlized paper was printed on both sides (details on inside, names on outside rolled up, and tied up with silver satin ribbon. Scroll Tie Wedding program scrolls tied up with ribbon are both whimsical and elegant, and let's face it, there's something kind of awesome and intriguing about unrolling a scroll. So why not use ribbon in a fun and practical way to fasten a bag of confetti to your program? A number of years ago when I had just begun doing a lot of wedding products, I was contacted by a bride who wanted a "fan" for her program. Simple Belly Band, clean and simple, use a piece of ribbon to create a single band that wraps around your program. Another example of simple chic, tie ribbon into a single bow to adorn the top of your program design. 1 Hole Fan Binding. Loose Spine Binding, perfect for folding programs with insert graphic paper supply inc sheets, wrap ribbon around around the spine of folder and tie into a knot or bow at the bottom, so that it has a tassel-like appearance. Available in a variety of vibrant colors, these paper fans unfold to reveal delicate colored paper inside. Ribbon is 1/4 inch satin cream. Your wedding guests will rejoice in the sweet relief a fan can offer and relish in the elegant keepsake they get to take home. If you prefer, you can do the same thing with a simple band. Choose the size and type that captures url in paper how to your wedding style and accommodates the needs of your ceremony the best! How We Did It, a 5x7 book fold card and corresponding ecru colored insert sheet were tied together with 1/4 satin moss ribbon. Colored Paper Fans, keep your guests cool at your wedding or bridal shower with our bright Colored Paper Fans. Log In, login: Password: Forgot your password? Hanging Program, attach a ribbon loop to your program so that you can hang them from guests' chairs at your ceremony. Now that sturdy "fan programs" can be made to match my wedding designs, you can bet I will be creating templates for all my favorite, best-selling designs.

We worked together to paper weight for wedding fan programs make just what she wanted and you can bet that no one else ever had a wedding program that looked like hers. We cut 8 12 x 11 card stock paper weight for wedding fan programs right down the center to create a 4 14 x 11 inch single sheet program. Ribbon was cut to approximately 7 inches. Having a destination wedding, we used about 18 inches, punch two holes then thread ribbon through them to bind your program layers together. Punch one hole in the bottom left hand corner of a collection of cards and tie together with ribbon. Different, how We Did It, fan Color Options featured products, or go for the roomier Folded Wedding Program options if you have a lot of information to share. Then tied, from modern Tealength Programs to roomy Rectangle Programs.

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Not only do these colorful wedding favors possess a timeless clay elegance. A perfect accent to the colors or your special event. Search blanks, thatapos, we punched a single hole in the corner of the stack of three. Guests can sit back, quantity, then ribbon was threaded through and tied into a decorative knot at the top. A basic hole punch was used to punch two evenly spaced holes through the cover and the insert sheets along the fold. Then print your program right on a bag.

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