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M: ClearView Paper-Like Screen Protecter for Apple iPad

Replay with sound, play with sound, thanks for reading this far.My handwriting simply didnt work on such a surface.Handwriting with the Apple Notes App and the PaperLike is the most paper like digital experience ever.

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been a joy building this campaign, and I'm looking forward to revolutionising your iPad experience and having you on board! Production Prototype, appearance, function, and manufacturing methods match

the final product. I then decided to fix this, as there wasn't a good solution in the market. I wouldnt have thought this could be such a controversial subject, but in a French comment board about the PaperLike, there is a huge discussion about why this makes sense, Sapper said. The PaperLike works with all iPad Pro models. Markus Badberg (AKA Badhills) for lending me his equipment and taking his Sunday for filming the campaign video. Sapper says he has come up with a screen cover that makes the iPad Pros slick glass surface feel more like paper. I have experience in managing Kickstarter campaigns, and this hasn't been an issue yet. We also got people in the Apple Store to test the difference and they were amazed of the paper feel. These photos and videos provide a detailed look at this projects development. The material is hard enough to add the needed tooth and surface texture, but still not too coarse so that the screen noise is minimal. Advertise on MacRumors, dan Barbera, video Content Producer, email. Demonstrates the functionality of the final product, but looks different. Anyhow, I'd love to hear from you in case you have feedback or have any open questions keeping you from joining this campaign. There is the side that says its because we dont like change and want the feeling of paper as before and the other side that says that the haptic feedback is necessary to feel the speed in which the pen is moving. Setting a goal of just over 1,500, PaperLike has raised more than 13,000 on Kickstarter with 33 days left in the campaign. But after creating a prototype, he finally felt like an Apple Pencil and iPad Pro was worth using. Which I cant list here due to the mere nature of these and the vast amount of improbable things that might happen and the ones that will end up happening. Projects that offer physical products for need to show backers documentation of a working prototype. Sketching with the Procreate App and the PaperLike is the best digital sketching experience that feels like paper on the iPad. It was impossible to write and rest the hand on the screen, styluses were not precise and mostly it was a unsatisfying experience. Here the PressKit with pictures you can freely use: and you can get in touch with me directly over.

I tested the PaperLike next to other iPads without the PaperLike in an Apple Store. Makes writing on the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil feel like paper. Youapos, ve been trying to go paperless. Distribution, ll need an html5 capable browser to see this content. These are the stages we typically see. Explorations that test ideas and functionality. A single PaperLike screen for the, whether Sappers, many artists and designers have said guiding the tip of an Apple Pencil along the surface of the iPad Pro is one of the best digital drawing experiences. Though the development process can vary for each project.

Textured like a sheet of paper.I honestly expected to fin d a paper-feel screen protector but there was nothing out there.Elecom iPad Pro.5 Inches Screen Protector Film 2017 Model Paper-Like Anti.

Sapper said, includes no fingerprints, drastically reduces glare, design Prototype. Making the sketching experience much more rewarding. No more heavy books or documents. Unforeseeables, it is incredible how it completes the iPad Pro experience. The biggest fans of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro see these paper texture screen protector tools as a 12 punch to the Wacom Cintiq interactive pen tablet. We donapos, protection from scratches and a significant reduction of glare. If you are a regular Kickstarter user.

Sapper wont divulge the material that gives PaperLike its name.The PaperLike makes writing, sketching and annotating on theĀ iPad with the Apple Pencil feel like you're doing it on paper.

PaperLike for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil - Feels like paper!

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