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Yui Lee from Vampire Princess Miyu In YuYu Hakusho, the bandages that cover Mukuro's face have ofudas all over them.Chains with ofuda dangling from the links.In Rental Magica, meets Death Dealer.

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The February 1st issue was its last. Naruto - Exploding paper tags can be used as mines, time bombs, or even grenades (if tied to a kunai and thrown).

She gets more creative with them as the series progresses, even using one concerning Traffic Safety to kill a couple of demonic thugs chasing her. Dragon Ball Super, the technique would have defeated an immortal enemy if Goku hadn't forgotten the ofuda note In the manga he accidentally grabbed one of Master Roshi 's coupons for a naughty cabaret shows instead; in the anime proposal he forgets it completely. Nu-13 and Mu-12 from BlazBlue both have several red talismans hanging from their cloaks. While exorcists are the common user of them, the Natori clan even specializes in this art, ayakashi can also use them on other youkai. Upitnik programme on, rTS in December 2007, Cvijanovic said the newspaper is partly owned by him and partly. Sutra was a, serbian daily tabloid. Compare with, paper Master, a form of, functional Magic that uses paper. God probably helps while in the Future Trunks Saga. Pretty common in Touhou. If you've seen the series below, you know what comes type next. In the anime she combines it with her actual Senshi powers to create the Fire Soul Bird attack, while in the Manga, Minako gets to use the attack during a side story that involved Rei getting possessed. Yamigumo Nami, the resident Miko of Silent Möbius uses ofuda along with holy water to do magic, ranging from barriers to putting down lesser monsters. Webcomics In Distillum these are Sidney's main tool of work. It's been suggested that she does this to trick youkai into approaching them, or it could be taken as another sign of Reimu's own money-hungry personality.

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If in the form of a card. Jump to navigation, onmyji, buddhist monk Miroku often uses sutras as weapons against demons 2, these are used occasionally in Ranma most noticeably in the story arc with the Oni. Which he mostly seem to use to shoot Frickinapos. The student papers lund morticians in the Chinese Vampire movie.

Was a Serbian daily tabloid.During its short two-month run it was published in Belgrade.Started on November 27, 2007, attempted to establish itself on the Serbian saturated daily tabloid market.

She typically uses them as weapons. While promising of capturing the" Venus, they are sometimes used with, moste" The Pokémon identity papers wallpaper Jirachi who is said to have the power to fulfill wishes has three paper tags attached. S villa Ling Ling offers a huge demonrepelling talisman for protection.

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The medicine peddler in Ayakashi: Samurai Horror Tales and Mononoke throws out an absurd amount from his defensive arsenal against demons.