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Paper Plate Lollipop Kid Craft

If you are still looking for some crafty activities to keep the kids busy look no further!Step 4: Cut a little notch at the bottom of the paper plate.

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fun lollipop pattern and let dry for about 15 minutes. Sprinkle glitter on top of the white paint you can also use string for this part instead! Supplies YOU'LL

need TO makaper plate lollipops: 2 Paper Plates, paint, paint Brushes, hot Glue or regular Glue 1 Wooden Dowel - We used a super long one from Michaels. Decorate your garden with them this Christmas or line them up along your driveway. Step 3: Quickly lay the other paper plate lip on top of the other plate so the painted designs are showing on both sides. Affiliate Disclaimer: This page may contain affiliate links, which means we earn a commission when you buy through our link (at no additional cost to you). Hi my crafty readers! To finish off the, paper Plate Lollipop kid craft, staple on the cardstock piece to the paper plate. . Check out her website for more amazing craft ideas! In this DIY tutorial we'll show you how to turn template a few items into giant paper plate lollipops. Candyland party, a baby shower, a childrens birthday party, or lots of other fun events! . Wouldn't it be cute to stick a paper plate lollipop into a vase filled with sweet treats such as M M's or peppermint candies for a colorful table centerpiece? . Step 6: Gather the cellophane at the bottom and wrap with a ribbon. Facebook page for us to see. I stuck these in the ground but you could also lay out some paper plate lollipops on a table or create a bouquet of these crafty lollipops for a DIY centerpiece. Plus, they cost less than a dollar each to make! . Step 7: have FUN enjoy your Paper Plate Lollipop! Put them in your yard or display them in a vase filled with peppermint candies. Paper Plate Lollipop Kid Craft is pretty easy to put together, great for all ages and really inexpensive too. Just big enough that the dowel rod can slide in between the plates. Large Paper Plate * Any Colored Tissue Paper * Colorful Glitter * White Tulip Puffy Paint * Brown Cardstock * Scissors * School Glue * Stapler optional yarn, rhinestones, stickers etc * First cut or tear your tissue paper into small squares. Apply a few dabs of hot glue between the paper plate and the dowel rod to maintain stability. Paint with glittery paint, add a little swirl or decorations, and then when dry, finish with sheets of cellophane tied with ribbons. .

Be sure hp officejet j4680 paper jam to check out these fun posts. These lollipops can be just as sweet as the paper donut plates homegoods real thing but not as sticky. Just switch up the paint colors. Unroll the cellophane and wrap the entire paper plate lollipop. Paper Plate Valentine Fox Kid Craft. Cut out the stick of the lollipop from your cardstock. While they are working on that.

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Or use them as props for Christmas photos or a play. All you need is a few paper plates. These are giant paper plate lollipops for Christmas. Making them in different colors for candy themed parties. Until its completely covered, poetry is the anti thesis of science valentines Day is literally around the corner seriously dont blink. I originally made these paper plate lollipops for Christmas. Whatever your presentation the kids will so much fun making them. Let children place the tissue paper squares on top. Whatever your purpose, i got the sponge dot paint brushes at the craft masters in architecture thesis green building growth in pakistan store. They do not have to be painted perfectly because the cellophane makes them all look adorable no matter what your skill level is which makes it an easy DIY craft anybody this holiday season.

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Candyland party, but you could use these cute lollipop decorations for just about any occasion! .