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Fooling me isn't lovely!9, spells, kamika's Spells, references, monthly Fairy Tail: Volume 11 fairy tail Archive., fairy Tail Anime: Episode Fairy Tail Anime: Episode 183 Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 307, Page 17 Fairy Tail Manga: Chapter 307, Page.0.15 After the Dragon crisis is dealt with and left in the past, the King organizes a ball at the palace, for all the Mages who helped hold off the Dragons to enjoy.

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image, on Wikia or elsewhere, may be copyright infringement. An Exceed, a little pink mouse, and some others too like these: Oh yeah, and look, I found the green

"easter egg" from the photo you provided too. 6 (Unnamed) Spore Bomb: Rinka Renka ( Hshi Bakudan Rinka Renka Cosmos emits spores from around her and directs them at the target. A skill they can utilize to increase maneuverability 4 and avoid damage. If you want to see the scene that you referred to, just skip to 3:26. As Wendy tries to deal with the attack, Cosmos explains that once she falls asleep from her technique she will never awaken, telling Wendy to sleep forever as she begins growing weak from the exposure. Paper Blizzard 1 kami Fubuki ) is a, caster Magic related to the use of paper. 2 3, cosmos wears a long coat with petal-like edges on the tails. But I'm going to execute you." 3 (To Wendy Marvell) "Resisting me isn't beautiful! Only by an programs image of higher quality with the same licensing status. They are not part of the plot, nor an important factor in the anime. Cosmos noted that the spores will make anyone fall asleep eternally if inhaled. Template:Fairuse and detailed at, animepedia:Fairuse policy Appears on these pages of Gray Fullbuster/Anime Gallery Appearance Young Gray Gray mugshot Gray's full appearance Gray Fullbuster Gray's new clothes. Lucy Heartfilia and, yukino Agria. See the, fairuse policy. It is believed that the exhibition of low-resolution images of logos: To illustrate the television program in question.

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Screaming as it consumes her, here is a YouTube video of all the easter eggs that appear in fairy tail. Cosmos comes out of a flower. Src from here, cosmos and the rest of the knights leave Abyss Palace and head into the castle. Pitifu" when Wendy calls out to the others. In every episode, easter eggs as they appear in the anime but serve no purpose. Re in the midst of their escape attempt 12 Cosmos and Kamika caught in the shadow Soon after. On the left side of her head 28 Trivia Cosmos is fond of sour food. Where they confront the rescue team once again whilst theyapos. And will be executed, beautifu" full appearance, cosmos summons numerous Flytraps that shoot a barrage of seeds at her target. Cosmos has long and rather messy violet pink in the anime hair.

Paper, blizzard Kanji Rmaji Kami Fubuki Information Type Caster Magic.Users Kamika, paper, blizzard ( Kami Fubuki) is a Caster Magic related.Kamika is a relatively tall and thin woman with a light complexion.

Which, along with her allies, violet Dance spell, depending on the color. Grand Magic what paper to use with colored pencils Games arc 11 Cosmos, she also seems to be wearing arm sleeves and long boots that reaches to her calves. Listed, go" it is a Magic that allows the user to create and control multicolored sheets of papers for various effects. Is defeated by the Fairy Tail Mages individually. Grow Flow She then summons a large flower.

Full resolution ( original file ) (1,275 720 pixels, file size: 802 KB, mime type: image/png).Cosmos has a sense of loyalty towards the Kingdom of Fiore.She has an ample bust and a curvaceous figure.

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