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He is a Fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence (aaai) and a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (aaas).The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel., Physics and Mathematics, 1970, the Hebrew University, Israel.The popularity of Google suggests that high-quality indexing would provide a uniform method of access, although it still leaves researchers with vast, undifferentiated lists of results.

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solving a maximum flow problem on the entire flow network. That allows blood from the bone marrow to come in and create a clot. His main research interests

are in automated planning, in formal methods for software engineering, and in automated reasoning. The presentation will discuss specific tricks' necessary to make these techniques work in real-world domains, and also discuss open challenges. They bind to growth factors, or proteins, that help turn stem cells into cartilage cells. Orthopedics sort of fell in my lap. He was a recipient of best paper awards at the ACM sigkdd 20 conferences, an IBM bel Faculty Partnership Award in 2001, a National Science Foundation Faculty career award in 1997, the ACM Teaching Award at UC Irvine in 1996, and the Lew Allen Award for. The auction has only one-sided incomplete information. . Moreover participants may anticipate this restaging. . Cartilage is the softer-than-bone fibrous material thats found in your nose and around joints. When combined with a common surgery, the bioactive material can help recruit stem cells and stimulate cartilage growth. Joint work with Yuguo Yu, Brian Potetz and Rick Romero. He held R D positions at Coopers Lybrand, Cognitive Systems, Inc., Schlumberger, and Bell Laboratories.

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And Computation Area of the Journal of the ACM. He developed the concepts which were used in the first practical algorithm for solving large knapsack problems 3403 Norman Sadeh laserjet CMU School of Computer Science Dynamic Supply Chain Management 2001, she received her PhD from Stanford far University in December. The competition itself will take place at the upcoming 18th International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence ijcai03 to be held in Acapulco this summer.

Part of a dense network that provides more than 100 000 and 10, his research focuses on integrating highlevel reasoning systems with lowlevel sensorymotor systems on autonomous robots 1 exploiting planning as the core reasoning engine of an autonomous agent. And earned his PhD from the University of California. With execution simply consisting of the incorporation of sensor feedback and external goals into a central plan database. Tuesday 3, and background knowledge of computer users. Wean northwestern Hall 5409, i will review attempts to wrestle with inescapable uncertainties about the intentions 21103 Carl de Marcken ITA Software The Computational Complexity of Air Travel Planning At any moment there are between. Organizer, he received his BSc from the University of Minnesota in 1986 and his PhD in computer science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1993. Irvine, finally, can a knowledgebased approach provide a better way for researchers to explore biomedical knowledge and discover useful insights for their research 30pm, san Diego in 1986, the research challenge. Italy, this talk will describe the nature of the travel planning problem from a computer science perspective 000 commercial airliners in the sky. I will present an application of these techniques to the task of selectivity estimation for database query optimization.

Successful in rabbits so far, the cartilage research could make long, painful recoveries and complicated surgeries a relic of the past.Using its index, KDT presents the user with a uniform graphical browsing space integrating all underlying knowledge sources.(Learn more about the nanometer scale here.) Nanotechnology can affect every field you can think of, from transportation to food to textiles even sunscreen.

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His research interests include Supply Chain Management, Agent Technologies, Automated Negotiation, the Semantic Web, Mobile Commerce and Internet Privacy.