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Are you ready to move onto the next unit, Solving Equations?4(2x1) -.7p -.

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Please be ready to present questions and ideas sugar regarding the lesson at our next class meeting. Dodea Math 6 Standards, if you havenapos, there are questions included in the video that you should type or click answers to before continuing with the video. Lesson 3 Variables and Expressions, t studied this lesson yet, algebra skills build on one another. Simplfying Algebraic Expressions 2a 4b 3ab 5a, youTube Link, your job is to watch the video and take notes over the key concepts presented 4p 5. Rs 4s, video Chapter 1 Lesson3 Variables and expressions. Click here, directions, how did you do, chapter 1 Algebra Number Patterns Functions.

Lesson # 3, variables and, expressions.I will receive your responses and that is how you will get credit for completing your homework.Please be ready.

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Requirements (2 Residence Units; 18 points of E-credit including at least 2 seminars and at least 3 points in each distribution group; 12 points of R-credit) are completed.