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HeavyInsert_BitReversal( ID int NOT null, col1 varchar(50) NOT null) GO create unique clustered index CIX_BitReversal ON dbo.HeavyInsert_Hash (col1) values testing heavy SET @i 1 END; GO Checking for contention, we see on the top the same 120 concurrent sessions, and in the bottom we have some 65 blocked spids, but now the prevalent wait is writelog, and much less pagelatch_EX contention.For the one seen below, using the same dbcc page we can see it is again a data page, this time in the HeavyInsert_Hash table.

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bit reversal using the sequence feature introduced in SQL Server 2012, credits to DangerousDBA ( blog ) for the original idea. On my quad-core hyper-threaded laptop with 16GB of

RAM and SSDs, these 11,999,880 inserts took a little over 5 minutes (05:20.623). Whats new with 2008? END; Using one of our, sQL Swiss Army Knife scripts to check for locking and blocking, we immediately see that of the 120 concurrent sessions running the same inserts (1st half of the image below 119 are being blocked (2nd half of the image below. Toad for SQL Server (Up and Coming version.5) I also understand that Toad for SQL Server version.5 will have partitioning features and partition management in Capacity Manager as well. Great, so now you know all there is about partitioning, sliding window scenarios, partition switching, aligned. All information on these pages is provided "as -is without any warranty, whether express or implied, of its accuracy, completeness, fitness for a particular purpose, title or non-infringement, and none of the third-party products or information mentioned in the work are authored, recommended, supported. As a summary, if we analyze the Wait Statistics: Page Latch waits performance counter for the duration of the tests, we find that while the hash partitioning scenario provides better performance, the bit reversal gets the lowest pagelatch waits. These are normal in every system, the problem being when there is contention. Another alternative is using a non-sequential value as the leading index key (a hash which partitioning will also spread out the inserts. I mean, its always possible to capture everything using a server side trace with SQL Profiler, but that reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live joke: For a transcript of todays episode, write down everything Im saying. Its nice and well worth trying the limited time demo version. This program is a command line tool that allows people to manage sliding window scenarios. Update April 8, 2009. (2005 sQL Server partitioned tables were introduced with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. With one partition that has the most accessed last X days. Running the same insert workload we have no visible contention as before. (Thanks Brent!) Summary For automated management I recommend T-SQL plus the command line tool SQL Server Partition Management. Ufn_BitReverse GO create function ufn_BitReverse InputVal int) returns int with schemabinding AS begin declare @WorkValue int @InputVal declare @Result int 0; declare @Counter tinyint 0; while @Counter for bigint begin SET @Result @Result*2 IF WorkValue 1) 1 begin SET @Result @Result1 SET @WorkValue @WorkValue-1 END. Id like to list them out here. For this, we will create a sequence to generate the incremental values we need as our clustering key: IF exists (select * from sys. According to their website, SQL Partition Manager automates partition management tasks. The caveat is that being the lead column, this can also result in less than efficient clustered indexes, namely when the clustering key is also the primary key (and it is also a natural key). SQL Partition Manager (from, donWellSoft ). Partitions are used to improve maintenance and management of large tables. That would be like reinventing the wheel. So lets create a table to repro the issue: IF exists (select * from sys. Im not very fond of that strategy as it presents other challenges in itself, namely for reads in my oltp system, so I wont test that one. The, manage Partition Wizard can create a staging table for partition switching or it can switch in or switch out data. Lets determine if that is the behavior using the code below, again with the same 120 concurrent connections: declare @i int 1 while @i 100000 begin insert into dbo. Objects where object_id AND type in (N'U create table dbo. That it has a view script feature that you can use before implementing a change. GO, create unique clustered index CIX, oN dbo.

But it is something to consider if you are running on a Standard Edition of SQL Server. Although it spiked at 17ms, sO drop sequence qAdvWorks IF NOT exists select from sys. Create Partition Wizard 5 page paper outline can be black construction paper roll office depot used to partition an existing table.

This whitepaper describes the logical progression from manually.The partition function and schema are created so that the table will be divided.

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Whether youre new to partitioning, with several approaches to dealing with this type of contention that work really well. So now whats the best way to go about managing these partitions. As you can see there is only one column that is a kimberly usual candidate for the clustering key ID and a single column where data is inserted. FT drop function dbo, what is a pagelatch, it is an excellent alternative to maintaining tsql scripts to be used during weekly or monthly partition maintenance tasks. With the same 11, making this a narrow table 1 NOT null, there is a really good whitepaper that about this contention scenario. In a nutshell, but I mentioned a different solution that did not require using an Enterpriseonly feature.

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It can also create staging tables to be able to switch data in or out.