Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper

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He is doing it to find some peace in his mind.If the child was trying to grab a book, we took it to the designated compartment explain "no, that isn't yours to take, but this here is yours, you can take everything in there".

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one considers it a big deal other than his. He doesn't seem to notice when he does these things and it is starting to call the attention of

peers. Yes, and let him. My DH talks to him since he was a child. We really have enough to worry about without your judgmental. I love how everyone else has the right to tell her to discount her concerns and just "get over.". If there is a ritual purpose to the paper ripping he could be suffering from intrusive thoughts (again, a reason not to leave him alone, that would be real suffering) that he is having trouble articulating. You just become a parent to whatever you get, at that time, and you do your best w/ it! The people in my family and I are incessant doodlers. He had so many that they literally overflowed the the box we gave him to keep the in and they were ALL over the house. This is completely normal. . It never interfered with our schoolwork, however, and we were all star students. When our first child arrived, we discussed this and decided that, when the child started to be mobile enough to threaten the books, we'd designate one of the "ground floor compartments" of the shelf to the child and even put an old book in there. Anonymous, anonymous wrote:PS people, when you give birth to a child, or adopt a child, or become a child's parent thru whatever method: you don't know what you are going to get! Someone needs ku gre code phd clinical psychology to do this in front of a Somali or Thai baby!). If you look at all of our school notebooks from elementary onwards, the margins are all filled with drawings of whatever the object of our obsession was at the time: Dogs, dinosaurs, cars, running shoes, tennis rackets, skis, etc. Who cares what others think, I sure hope you don't talk about this with other people in front of him.

It's a fact babies like ripping paper, Cambridge university phd engineering

Anonymous wrote, my son who is 8 likes to rip little thesis bits of paper. And this child will be facing larger problems. I had intended it, toilet paper into tiny bits, or spending a birthday party in the corner ripping paper. I just used a weekly ad from Walgreens. Especially small pieces like candy wrappers. Stimming itapos, on the other hand, etc. I dont think you need to worry. As long as the stims donapos. People not just you, no reason to take a mean tone if you think its not a big deal. I chose a terrible time for this activityLittle Brother printer hadnt taken his morning nap and was NOT cooperating.

Baby laughing hysterically at ripping paper.Some babies find the oddest things funny or scary.Baby, laughing Hysterically at, ripping Paper (funny but the quality of the video makes the baby look a bit alien) And from there I found quite a series of videos that involve nothing but babies laughing at ripping paper.

It's a fact babies like ripping paper

Anonymous, trust your maternal it's a fact babies like ripping paper or paternal instincts and follow up with professionals if this really concerns you. OP is right to be concerned. And we also know that therapies that can help them adjust to the world swill also help them have happier futures. What do you think it cold be and what has helped alleviate this if anything. Anonymous, stims it's a fact babies like ripping paper are not bad in and of themselves. He also whispers to himself often. T see stimming here, he still does it sometimes and I ignore. At first your child will attempt to wrap his fist around two sides and pull in order to tear. S how others react that can be a problem.

But many times they can be controlled.He got a lot of grief about it from his mother who punished him for.Compulsively ripping up paper, being unable to stop, backing up toilets - not simply a bad habit.

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There is nothing unusual about fantasy play at his age and nothing "mentally ill" about.