Italian, translation of paper, collins English-, italian, dictionary

Italian, translation of writing paper, collins English-, italian, dictionary

Paper uncountable (wrapper) ( involucro di carta ) carta nf Don't forget to remove the paper first before you eat the chocolate.Copy paper (special paper) carta copiativa nf craft paper (specialist paper for crafting) carta kraft nf I bought six sheets of craft paper to make my son a paper sword and shield to play with.

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sketching) carta da disegno nf Dovresti gentilmente comprarmi un album di carta da disegno. Abbiamo tappezzato i muri ma non ci piaceva il motivo e ci abbiamo dipinto sopra.

Traduzioni aggiuntive paper uncountable (wallpaper) carta da parati nf What lovely paper! Paper (hang wallpaper) mettere la carta, tappezzare vtr We have finished all the painting. As I looked around, I felt the power of his dramatic compositions. Sta cercando di nascondere il suo coinvolgimento nel crimine. Its first official document, dated 1283, was the deed of a public notary recording the purchase of a house by a cartaio (paper maker witnessed by another six paper makers. Paper sth (wallpaper) tappezzare vtr I papered the walls but didn't like the pattern, so I painted over. A nightgown sewn from towels and toilet paper A paper was here handed to witness Again I would suggest that they use the black ink for this paper Backing paper Bank paper Bin / trash can / dumpster / waste paper basket Blank sheet. Butcher paper (meat-wrapping paper) carta per alimenti nf carbon paper (for copying documents) carta carbone nf Put this sheet of carbon paper between the two sheets of paper to make a copy. L'aumento del valore della casa gli ha dato un guadagno sulla carta, ma non ha potuto spenderlo. Writing paper (smooth paper in sheets) carta da lettera nf It's still a pleasure to receive vanguard white paper on active management a letter written by hand on fine writing paper. Mettete questo foglio di carta carbone tra i due fogli di carta per fare una copia. Test paper (copy of an exam) testo del compito, testo dell'esame nm Some unscrupulous students got hold of the test papers before the exam and sold them. In altre lingue: spagnolo francese portoghese rumeno tedesco olandese svedese russo polacco ceco greco turco cinese giapponese coreano arabo. Notebook paper (lined jotter paper) fogli per appunti, fogli per taccuino nmpl on paper (in written or printed form) sulla carta, per iscritto avv We need to get these agreements down on paper.

Bills cartamoneta nf When travelling abroad. Used in merchant business insieme di strumenti di finanziamento carta commerciale. Kirjoituspaperi, papier à lettres, printer paper forsyth county paper example of paper written in third person carta laser nf linen paper highquality paper carta di lino nf litmus paper uncountable chemical indicator strip cartina al tornasole nf mercantile paper law. You can view and purchase his works at his website. Paper over the cracks figurative conceal flaws or problems informale nascondere le magagne Rather than redo his work from the start. Sì, abbiamo fatto delle decorazioni con carta crespa di diversi colori. Ballot paper form used for voting scheda elettorale nf If you spoil your ballot paper.

Italian, translation of paper, the official Collins English-, italian.Over 100000, italian translations of English words and phrases.Writing paper is paper for writing letters.

Italian word for paper

italian word for paper British English, mia figlia ha colorato una ciotola di cartapesta durante la lezione di arte. Culaccin" ha messo lapos, read more about apos, unsubstantial. Document, blocco nm The printer was out of commission all day because of a major paper jam. Sto scrivendo una poesia con una penna nera su questo foglio di carta rosso. In Italy its so annoying that theres even a word for. Impasto dei biscotti su carta da forno prima di metterli nel forno. Words and Expressions scartabellare to leafthumb flick through documents. Monetary document credito cartolare nm paper crown festive cardboard or tissuepaper hat corona di cartone paper cut tiny nick caused by sharp paper taglio da carta paper cutter guillotine È difficile nascondere una discussione come quella di ieri sera. Paper sth with sth vtr prep cover with advertising ricoprire tappezzare qlcs di qlcs.

What is the, italian word for paper?

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Culaccino, you know that annoying watermark that you get when you put a cold or wet glass down on a table?