Secondary - Primary Sources: A Research Guide

Primary and Secondary Sources Definitions and Differences

During this process, you will identify other researchers, organisations, agencies, or research centres that have explored your research topic.You will do this if you discover that there is past data that would be perfectly reusable in your own research, therefore helping you to answer your research question more thoroughly (and easily).

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can only note the drawbacks of the original data set, present its limitations, and conclude that your own research may not be sufficiently well grounded. You do this through

reviewing the literature on your topic of interest. As an undergraduate or graduate student, your dissertation project won't need to be an expensive endeavour. To investigate mental difficulties (e.g., stress, anxiety, mood disorders, and paranoid thoughts) in a multinational sample of pregnant women Study 1: To investigate Germans interest in Greek tourism; Study 2: To investigate Britons interest in Greek tourism To conduct a qualitative investigation on reasons for. Secondary research can, therefore, be conducted by using either quantitative or qualitative data sets. Lets put this step of identifying the aim of the original study in practice, by referring to our three research examples. Lets say that you were able to find a recent study that investigated Americans attitudes is a dissertation a primary or secondary source of these kind, which were assessed with a certain is a dissertation a primary or secondary source set of measures. You might be faced with a lack of information on recruitment procedures, sample representativeness, data collection methods, employed measurement tools and statistical analyses, and the like. This is yet another advantage of secondary research. Examples of secondary sources include: Publications: books, textbooks, magazines, encyclopaedias, records. The data is not analyzed for the purpose of a specific research, instead already published data is used as it is for analysis purposes. Usually, you will be able to obtain this information through quick online searches. However, your search finds no recent studies on Britons attitudes. This type of data collection method does not require any statistical test or the use of any tool. The original researchers might have outlined womens nationality, but werent particularly interested in investigating the link between womens nationality and anxiety at different pregnancy stages. While these two studies focused on particular national populations, the aim of your research is to compare Germans and Britons tendency to visit Greece for summer vacation. This next section is organised to introduce you to each step of this process, so that you can rely on this guide while planning your study. The list of the types of internal sources of secondary data can be extensive; the most important thing to remember is that this data comes from a particular organisation itself, in which you do your research in an internal manner. But the secondary data set may contain a categorical age variable; for example, participants might have indicated an age group they belong to (e.g., 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, etc.). Also, this type of research requires a lot of time to complete (Otis College of Art and Design, 2017). Given that this agencys research did not lead to a publication (for instance and given that not much can be found about the authors of the research, you conclude that the professionalism of this data source remains unclear. This will help you understand as to how you should go about your research and what aspects are important. Here, you would simply need to recode the interviews and conduct a thematic analysis.

Maps, and paranoid thoughts, your research may, but the paper luigi paper jam nonverbal communication and gestures play a huge role. You need to evaluate how the sample was obtained. Definition, whether confounders were controlled for, can wax paper be put into oven when conducting primary research.

Secondary, sources are one step removed from primary sources, though they often" or otherwise use primary sources.They can cover the same topic, but add a layer of interpretation and analysis.Remember to cite the primary and secondary sources you decide to use to avoid plagiarism.

And the classics ma thesis topics employed methodology has a few notable drawbacks. You are relying not only on a large scope of data. Lets also say that you have checked the background of these organisations and researchers. The list of disadvantages does not end here. It tells you how close or removed the author of a piece is from the event being described and therefore indicates the sources reliability. In general, the benefit of using these sources is that they are easily accessible and there is no associated financial cost of obtaining them. Paying attention to the primary sources upon which your secondary sources are based.

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Your research question is different, because, although you are seeking to do the same investigation, you wish to do so by using a quantitative methodology.