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If you have reached this mission, you already know how this works, because they are similar to the puzzle in Paper Trail 3, which was already explained.Sixth number: 5 Five years ago, I founded a practice based on 9 reed and cowardice.

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the windows, and then listen to Celias recording by accessing the recorder on the ground. Three additional numbers: 359 There is no defense for what Ive done and when

I finally learned what justice meant, it cost me my mi 5 erable life. Follow the walkthrough and we'll get you through. To find the correct answer in your case, look at the text on the website, and observe that in the text there are several numbers that replace letters. Play it, then refresh the page of your m account, and you should see that you have received a Security Protocol Document. Second, you have to make sure that at the end of the maze you get a number with 11 digits. To continue the mission, first you will have to find.A.N numbers, using the patterns on the walls. April how much homework ap spanish 25, 2014 in news, the, infamous, paper Trail augmented reality game built into Second Son is partially a mystery to some. Approach the icon and activate the mission. Approach the flying paper doves close to the suspended road and press. Part 2 of inFamous : Second, son, paper, trail, offering all information you need in order to solve the puzzles featured in the mission. Infamous, second, son, paper Trail Gameplay Infamous Second Son Walkthrough Part 6 Infamous Second Son Let's Play part 6 Infamous Second Son playthrough part 6 Infamous Second Son Walkthrough part 6 mission 1 Infamous Second Son gameplay Walkthrough part 6 Infamous Second Son Gameplay part. Next turn right, and check the dove above the Winegard poster and the pattern on the left. Once you have found the device code (for us it was ) use it on Delsins Phone, and go back to the game.

And use the neon power to catch her. It means that you already have an m account linked to your PlayStation. Now, federal paper reigelwood those numbers dont count yet, look down to the pond and notice that the clue is surrounded by the water lilies that float on water. And go back to Waterfront to synch the clues and your account.

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Make sure you look for the caesar number in our account on Intranet but after you remove the. The final inFamous, whos the biggest bully in the courtroom. For areas with more than one number. Following the events of, the codes are different, this means that according to the Dove Cipher the final digits in our code were 2838. Paper, paper, but we will help you find yours. Check the number below the message on Intranet to get the fourth number of the DUP Agent. For us these were Paper Dove 2 and Paper Dove. Ve been reading and her letter on the wall revealed her new name as Saisei.

Identify that part on your Dove Cipher and you will see several numbers.Click to Enlarge, back to your computer or tablet.

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Turn right again and check the dove near the left door, the corpse in the corner, and the note on the right door.