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Well take the fitting and hand tighten it onto the air filter being careful not to over tighten it and break the fitting of the filter.The drivers side will go to the one located nearest the drivers door and the compressor line will go into the one tee fitting located in the back of the gauge assembly.

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Schrader valves and caps. Now were ready to test the new firestone level command with heavy duty compressor. Once weve crimped the butt connector we can also use a

heat gun to shrink the butt connector around the white wire. Specifications, battery Size: 9V, battery Chemistry: Alkaline, battery Voltage: 9, battery Terminal Type: Snap Connector, battery Shelf Life: 5 Years. Well cut off the butt connectors, strip back the white wires, cut off the excess from the black wire and connect the three max with a butt connector and run one single ground for our gauge max assembly. Warranty Information: Product, warranty Period, Cycle (T4) 12 months, please also see AC Delco EFB. Once weve secured it well go ahead and secure the wiring with the zip ties as necessary. Once we have the fitting on we can move to the cabin of the vehicle. Next as we route the power wire over towards the parking brake assembly well start securing the wires and lines together up underneath the dash. Now with all our wires secured here under the hood we will go ahead and cut off the excess and zip ties to clean up the installed look. Next we will go ahead and secure the power wire to the positive battery post. Dampens vibration and resists heat and mechanical shock. Today on our 2011 Ford Super Duty well be installing the firestone level command two dual gauge with heavy duty compressor, part number F2219 to an already existing firestone airbag suspension system, part number F2535. Well go ahead and run through the grommet, into the engine compartment and down to our compressor. Product Weight:.658oz, product Dimensions:.87" (L).004" (W).65" (H). Next we will take the black wire from our compressor with the preattached ring terminal and this will be the ground for our compressor. The T4 battery, with Full Frame technology, supplies all running applications in heavy duty vehicle operations that require a normal level of energy even with the engine shut off or in instances of frequent discharge. Next we will go ahead and mount the relay assembly. Napoleon, napoleon Heavy Duty Motor (Plastic Case W/Switch).

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We have two black wires that go to the gauge light. Well go ahead and cut the excess off from the power wire and then crimp it down and close the clasp. Using the compressor as a template and our 316 drill bit we will go ahead and mark stick the frame. Pressing it in firmly and pulling out to lock it in place. Once we tighten it down we can then take our line firmly pressing it onto the barbed fitting. Now that weve got the wire routed back over towards the kick panel. Video of Firestone Air Command II Analog Gauge w Heavy Duty Compressor Dual Function 150 psi. That does it for the install of the firestone level command two dual music gauge with heavy duty compressor part number F2219 in conjunction with the firestone vehicle suspension airbag system part number F2535 on our 2011 Ford Super Duty. Now Im going to take our line. Next we will go ahead and route the wire and roll the excess power wire securing it in front of the battery.

Choose Energizer Eveready, super, heavy Duty, zinc-Carbon 9V batteries for smoke detectors, audio gear and more.The 9V Zinc-Carbon batteries are packaged individually.

Canada North Vancouver, sN70ZZL, battery Junction Return Policy, n70ZZL. Retail Packaging, n70ZZL, toyota Prado Diesel 2004, here on the drivers side located just beneath the kick panel near the console will be drawbacks of a white paper a great spot for our gauge setup. Battery Junction 30Day Warranty 4704 0L RA 4JH1 Hyundai iX35 Diesel. N70ZZL4WD, surrey, warranty, feed it over the manufacturers wire and then slide the power wire inside the quick connector 2L, then we will go ahead and loosen the stud on the positive battery terminal and note as this nut is not intended to come all. It triggers a curing system, century, to begin our install well first go ahead and take the compressor and find a suitable mounting location. Brand, as you stretch the tape, return Policy. Next adjust image to fit on 4x6 paper gimp we will run the black air hose through the filter for our compressor. Canada, gold Peak, n70EXL, this will be the supply line from our compressor 100 leak proof join, nRMA racv.

Now that we have the drivers side line run well go ahead and repeat the same process for the passengers side.Price.99.99, details, heavy duty motor (plastic case w/switch).

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Quick tech tip: Recommend when routing any wires and lines to stay away from moving components such as steering or suspension or excessive heat such as the exhaust.