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Each plant or flower Era makes is extensively researched and each prototype or piece she creates is of her own original design.Place your potting soil in your container, add your stems one at a time, clipping the stems to the appropriate length as you.Pick up a second red bloom and glue it behind the first, off to the side a little and facing upward a little.

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noticeable! Era's work can be found in homes and museums throughout the world, and her work has appeared in all three major miniature magazines. Using some shorter pieces of

wire for single stems, glue a single bloom to the end of each wire and place two leaves under the bloom. Make approximately 12 to 15 of these and save them for later. If you are using thin craft foam, make it two layers thick, one over the other. Fold each heart in half and press the fold. Articles You Might Enjoy, how to, make Your Bedroom Unique. Punch approximately 75 circles from red paper for a small potted petunia. Enlarge picture showing how to make single bloom stems. Once again, the number you need will be determined by previously mentioned criteria. They are members of name, igma and cdhm. Easy arts and crafts ideas for kids 10 years and above. For larger, hanging or landscaping plants you will need to continue gluing blooms further down the stem. For the small potted plant I made for this demonstration I glued on about 4 or 5 blooms per stem. When dry, the circles have graduated to the "bloom" status. Permission is explicitly denied for any republication of text or photographs in this article without the prior express written consent of the author. With a toothpick and yellow craft paint (or Green craft paint, if that is your preference) paint a prominent dot in the center of your red circle where the lines all meet - Allow the paint to dry thoroughly! Enlarge picture showing the placement of the fern. Enlarge picture showing the heart shaped hole punch for leaves. Enlarge picture showing where to draw a third glue line. I have included the picture of the small potted Petunia I made for demonstration purposes of this tutorial, and a picture of a tiny group of Petunias in a starter basket made from needlepoint fabric. The paper possibilities are endless for varieties and colors of Petunias, as are the possibilities for their presentation. They work in 1 1/2" and 1/4" scales and sell at fine miniature shows all across the nation. Using your fingernail or side of a toothpick gently hold the edge of the red circle down and very gently remove the stylus.

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Fill i" s specialties include custom crafted Oriental reflection paper examples on physical education articles Wisteria sinensis and Wisteria floribunda vines in full bloom. Straws, enlarge picture of basic supply requirements. Enlarge picture on how to add the stem. Era Anderson Pearce Reproduced with permission from Era Anderson Pearce. As a great addition to your dollhouse landscaping and they make wonderful hanging basket website cite in paper plants. Acrylic Paints Yellow and Red, cactus Sedum gardens, closeup images of materials needed. Enlarge picture showing shaping and placement of flowers.

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Draw a line through the center of the red circles. Enlarge picture showing how to remove each bloom. Shaped portion of your leaves into the glue and inserting them between the red blooms in a manner that is pleasing to you. Now, enlarge picture showing where to draw the fourth glue line. Pick up a red circle with the tweezers. Each style of Bobapos, eraapos, punch approximately 75 small hearts from the green paper. Leaves and plants are completely hand painted and shaded to create the ultimate in realistic detail. Facing outward, poin" continue dipping the" enlarge picture showing where to place the leaves. Just nudge them open a tad with a toothpick. The number of blooms you need to glue on a stem will depend on the size plant you want and the type container you choose to use.

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Continue wetting and forming five circles at a time until all circles are pressed into the foam.