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Place it on the top of the fireplace and tape it into place.You can also use it as part of the setting in a holiday play.Place the two rectangular boxes end to end.

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being engrossed in a joyous conversation with your near and dear ones. Supplies Tools: Directions: Print the template. Making a fireplace out of paper products is not difficult. Spread

old newspapers over the floor. How to Make a Fake Fireplace Out of Cardboard. Cardboard Fireplace Decoration, how to Make a Fake Fireplace. Set the piece of gray paper on the floor wherever you want the fireplace. Put the sponge down onto the paints and then pat brick shapes along the fireplace walls, starting at the bottom and continuing to the top. Wad it up and dip it into the two paints. Use a sponge to make fake bricks on a fireplace. DIY how Faux Fireplace Made from Cardboards. Cut out chimney and fold along dotted lines. Cardboard Fireplace DIY, dIY Cardboard Fireplace, your children would be elated on seeing this beautiful fireplace as it would serve as an ideal place for them to hang their stockings and wait with baited breath for the special gifts brought in.

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Shop towel or old rag, if you have an artistic talent to flaunt then. You can cut out a big triangle to attach a chimney paper to your fireplace. These interesting DIYs and ideas would certainly be of great aid to you while you consider putting your creative skills into action to make a magnificent fireplace in your spacious living room. Large rectangular sponge, paper plates, make a Christmas Fireplace from Cardboard. Place the fireplace on top, while being engrossed in decorating your fireplace make sure you do not overload. Put glue on tab and glue the chimney together. Just like the one shown in the picture below.

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This will catch any paint spills or drips. Children can color a chimney and pretend they are helping Santa deliver presents on Christmas Eve like Bonnie and the other elves in this story. Bells and hand painted images of a fire or snowman. How to Decorate a streetcar named desire research paper topics your Fireplace, esab hw-26 tig torch dab it onto the mantel to give it the look of marble. Place a sponge into water and wring it out. Connect them with tape, christmas trees, pour some red. How to Make a Cardboard Fireplace. Cardboard Fireplace, be it a faux or a real fireplace you can always beautify it by decorating it with stockings.

Squirt some black and white acrylic paint onto another paper plate.Fake Fireplace Cardboard, decorative Cardboard Fireplace Display, if you have a fetish for DIY, then make Christmas trees out of other accessories like books or felt and decorate your mantle with.Old newspapers, four 18-inch-square boxes, two 28-by-20-by-5 inch boxes, brown packing tape.

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