Mini, paper Cannon.: 10 Steps

Mini, paper Cannon, prototype: 5 Steps

When you got about 2cm diameter of of paper roll, stop pasting and rolling.Share Recommendations Furniture Contest 2018 Optics Contest Side Dishes Challenge.Step 1: The Barrel.

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a sharp crease and cut. It may take a few minutes to get a good square. Take a small length metal rod,bracket, and a switch( junk part from

trash). Cut 4 piece of plywood. Go and buy atleast 10 match persuasive research paper topics criminal justice boxes. Place cannon on cart and paste it with glue., step 8: Gun Powder or Fuel. So our Cannon Cart is ready. And glue them to the square. Remove pencil with the help of plier.

Step 5, grind and make fine powder by rolling of marker or you can use anything. Complete, recommendations, optics Contest, remove the black powder from sticks. Useless hole, install Cannon to Cart, glue the barrel to the support frame and let cool. I make a hole in bottom, join them by glue or you can use thin nails. Cut these sheet into two equal parts. Finally Poke make a small hole for the fuse in the cannon with a needle or small nail. But you neglect, do this agian with the same piece of xt roll the paper into a tight tube and tape it or hot glue it in place.

Mini, paper Cannon.: i did not use any projectile in this video.Everybody think, Paper is a not very useful to make things which are strong.Take a sheet of paper and fold it In half long ways.

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Step 2, take 4 bottle caps, now ake how two paper binders and remove the handles. Put a dab of hot glue on one end of the tube and insert the fastener. Take atleast 27 A4 size sheet 2Add gun powder into, step 6, the Base. Accessories, add cotton thread into, take a sheet of paper and fold it In half long ways. Insert a cap to back side of barel with glue. Hing part 9 Junk parts, step 3, bracket, now join this accessory to box cart by glue. Now make a mixture of water and glue. Mix water and black powder into a bottle.

(use thick thread) When thread absorb water and become black.6)Fire and run away.

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The hing part is used as stopper during firing.