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3 Cut the semicircle out with scissors.Question Can I use printer paper?2, fold the paper in half widthwise.

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the top of the folded edge and stop cutting when you are 1 inch (2.5 cm) away from the bottom of the folded edge. Materials Used * One

Single Newspaper sheet Stapler Tutorial 10/10/16, tags: Tutorial, paper, origami. Things You'll Need Making a Sailor or Alpine Hat Newspaper Tape or glue (optional) Making a Paper Cone Hat Paper Plate Scissors Pencil Stapler, glue, or double-sided tape Thin elastic cord (optional) Embellishments (glitter glue, pompoms, rhinestones, etc.) Making a Paper Plate Hat Paper plate. 12 7 Decorate your hat to give it more character. Skip this step if you are making a different kind of hat. Do not cut past the rim. You will end up with a house shape. You can, but the hat likely won't be very sturdy if you plan on wearing. Tape or glue the brim to the bottom of your cone. Fold the brim inwards if it is too wide for you. Wizard: draw stars and moons using gold or silver glitter glue. In this video you will learn that how to make an origami Gandhi Cap. Cut the bigger circle out, then cut the smaller circle out. Run your fingernail along the crease, then unfold the paper. Here are some ideas to get you started: Clown: paint polka dots on the hat, then hot glue a large pompom to the tip. Try it out and you'll see what size. Take the top flap and fold it upwards. To do this, fold the paper in half and make a crease half way down from the folded top, pressing gently. Start at the folded edge and stop inside the rim. Did this summary help you? Make sure that the plate is blank on both sides. 3 Draw a half-shape along the fold, starting at the 1-inch (2.5-cm) gap. Quick Summary To make a hat out of paper, start by folding and unfolding the paper vertically so that there is a crease down the middle. 308 63K, this Video Tutorial teaches you to make an Origami Indian Cap Gandhi Cap Nehru Cap which is sized perfectly to any head. Step 2: Fold the Paper, fold it in half, horizontally, like in the pictures above, making sure that all the edges line up with each other.

How to make a gandhi cap with paper

modern origami paper How long this takes depends on the aston university biomedical engineering phd program type of glue you used. Simply fold all of the triangles upwards until they stick 16 It is important that your shape connects to that 1inch 2 5cm gap, hot glue will work the best here 17 Paint your hat with acrylic. Do not cut the entire center out.

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2, okay 10006, for an adult sized vacancy hat, x 2" Santa, add some cool designs to jazz up your new hat. Crease a rectangular sheet of paper down the middle. Some information may be shared with YouTube. By using this service, do not unfold the paper, draw a semicircle on the paper.

It looks so small.Once the glue is dry, your hat is ready to wear!18 7 Wear the hat.

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For a kid sized hat, make the paper 15 x 20".