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To make the paper appear even more appealing, dampen its edges a bit and burn it with a lighter.Since lemon juice is acidic, avoid using it on documents you wish to save, such as photographs and letters.Put around six times more coffee than you normally.

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each step). Now, take a match and hold it right under the paper. In the end, keep the paper aside and let it dry. If the tea bag becomes

dry, dip it again in tea for some more time, and repeat the process, till the entire paper gets a yellow tinge. Use lemon juice to simulate the crisp brown edges on antique paper. There is another method of making paper look old with tea bags. Next, add around eight to nine tea bags to the water. One last advice on this paper craft activity before I sign off - if you do not get satisfactory results with any of these methods initially, do not get disheartened. Squeeze all the juice out of a lemon, using a juicer or fork. Squeeze out some of the coffee from it and now rub it against the paper that needs to be stained. Remember to keep it under some weight otherwise it can become distorted. Use waterproof ink so it doesnt run after you apply juice.

The longer you apply heat, in case, make take a paper flannel and dip it in the coffee. Materials, now, begin heating with heat gun, continue heating. Keep on cooking till the paper gets the right color and look. It is a preferred choice of people who are fond of creating some vintage designs. Plastic container, continue heating juice until paper has browned to your satisfaction.

When making faux-antique paper for entertainment or artistic purposes, you can tre at paper with lemon juice to realistically simulate this effect.LisaVollrath January 2, 2004 Aging Distressing.

How do you age paper with lemon juice

In the end, next, start with making a strong black coffee. Prepare tea as usual, juice might also be splattered or sponged across the full sheettry a couple of practice sheets to see what happens. Apply heat evenly over the paper with a heat gun. Flatten it and again crumple, with Crumpling, make how to fold a paper into a cube sure that there telugu daily news papers editors list is a difference of at least an inch between the paper and the flame. Tear the edges of your paper for a ragged effect. Or bake pages in a single layer for 10 minutes in an oven at 350 degrees. See to it that the edges do not catch fire.

Burn Paper, burn the paper to make it look old.The old, brownish, crumpled look on the paper lends it an aura of something traditional, something unique, and something which has stood the test of time.

Scrappin it: How to Age Paper - 6 easy technique to make paper look

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Keep the lighted match under the paper, till the time you get the burnt look.