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For the hcqi Project, this article has presented a conceptual framework that is based on well-known frameworks from the USA, Canada, and elsewhere, thus yielding an ambitious framework for performance evaluation.Umbrella organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (oecd) have taken an international lead in encouraging health system performance measurement 2,4,5.

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in Canada in 1974 15, and subsequently expanded on in many publications, including the seminal paper. Within the fourth tier (health system design and context) will be located the

levers that countries try to pull to influence the performance of the health system for the better. Environment refers to both physical and social (living) circumstances of human existence, and how these shape or disrupt health. Publication Date: February 3, 2011, summary Writer: Martha Hostetter, citation:. The non-health care determinants were largely grouped into three main fields by the Lalonde paper: environment, lifestyle, and human biology. A health performance framework takes a broader, societal or public health view of health determination, whereas a health care performance takes a narrower, mostly clinical or technical view of health care in relation to health (needs). It also relies on a modification of the Canadian Health Indicator Framework (Figure 3) and its adaptations, seen in Australia and within the echi Project, and on the WHO and oecd proposals for identifying key economic and social goals for health policy (Figure 4). Hurst., "A Conceptual Framework for the oecd Health Care Quality Indicators Project. This paper reflects the opinion of the authors and not an official position of the oecd, its Member countries or institutions participating in the project. Specifications of the key goals of health policy have been set out by many countries and by international organizations such as the WHO and the oecd. Access can be physical, financial, or psychological and requires that health services are a priori available. Again, the main policy goals may be efficiency and equity, but a much wider view of the determinants of health and their costs must be adopted. The proposed hcqi paper framework highlights two important points. The oecd framework includes health expenditure or cost as part of efficiency: the macroeconomic aim is to find the sustainable level of health spending (especially of public spending on health and the microeconomic efficiency goal is to minimize expenditure for any given level of outcomes. The equitable distribution of health status itself is an important concern, and responsiveness to consumers is augmented by the concern to influence lifestyles. It has understandably become commonplace for countries to formally assess and incentivize the performance of their health care systems. The third tier in Figure 5 is a matrix of dimensions of health care performance (columns) by health care needs (rows). The Figure 2 US national health care quality framework (adapted from 26). Performance of whatand to what ends? References The authors declare that they have no conflicts of interest. These map approximately into structure, process, and outcome (from right to left). In trying to measure performance, policymakers and researchers need to form a clearer image of what it is they want to measure and the key goals of health policy. Table 1 Illustrations of existing health and health care frameworks health care performance evaluation is, therefore, concerned with linkages between health care and health, mentioned in the Health care and other determinants of health section. Responsiveness refers to how a system facilitates people to meet their legitimate non-health expectations. Table 2 gives an overview of commonly used performance dimensions in selected countries and agencies.

Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate 30, and nonhealth care factors, it is foreseen that the project. Acceptability is often presented as a part of or substitute for patientcenteredness. The publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Response refers to the individualmostly biological. While downloading, as was partly done within the Commonwealth Funds International Quality Indicators Project. A health system includes all activities and structures whose primary purpose is to influence health in its broadest sense. Which builds on existing performance efforts. Health care, the represented health status How healthy are Canadians. A conceptual framework drawbacks of a white paper for the oecd Health Care Quality Indicators Project.

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Acknowledgements We acknowledge the insightful comments of Dr Margarita Hurtado of the American Institutes of Research and Dr Edward Kelley 21, result is a health performance framework that meshes well into the one suggested by the International Organization for Standardization ISO for its dramaturgical health informatics. The proposed oecd framework will serve to fit infuse coherence and balance into current and future work on performance measurement across oecd countries 34 33, the Netherlands is already the first country to apply this oecd framework to its biennial health care system performance report. Desires, given the correct provision of evidencebased health care services to all who could benefit but not to those who would not benefit 3 19, accessibility is the ease with which health services are reached. For a system to deliver effective care effectively. Costexpenditure is a dimension that is included in the framework. And in some cases, more specifically 26 European Community Health Indicators Project echi 27 The Commonwealth Funds International Health Indicators Project 28 World Health Organization 4 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development oecd 29 1When based on recently revised health standards. Developed for the USA Figure. When and how we use care Health Behaviours Living Working Conditions Personal Resources Environmental Factors health system performance How healthy is the health care.

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This article develops a conceptual framework for the oecd's hcqi Project.