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Walk around to the east side of the chest trio and go east into the hidden passage; at the end, youll find.Returners is an insurgent group in, final Fantasy.When Figaro is dragged into the war, they quickly lose, south Figaro to the Imperials.

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edit purge Returner means "to go" or "come back as to an earlier condition or place. Mog's Dances Edit The player can return to the hideout after recruiting Mog

and take the raft down the river to learn the Water Harmony Dance. Go around phd the hideout and speak to Locke, Edgar, and Sabin. The Returners are mostly wiped out in the global disaster, with the exception of the playable party and, in the Advance and mobile releases, a man in Nikeah who tells the party about the four new espers that can be found. skip section banon meets Terra. Initially the struggle goes badly for the Returners and their allies, with almost the entire population of Doma perishing in the. Air Knife, a, knights Code, and a, phoenix Down. So, either way, youll end up with Locke leaving the party (and his equipment sticking Terra, Banon, Sabin, and Edgar on the Lethe River to Narshe. While the gameplay paper merits of either Relic can be argued, the Gauntlet comes in very limited quantities, only two others existing in the game far into the World of Ruin, while the Genji Glove can be farmed from Dragons for an infinite supply. Go north to find Banons room and open the chest within for. The Empire is snuffing out Returners wherever it finds them. First, just for reference, heres the part where you get to choose to pick up the scrap of paper or leave it: Then, a little later on, Banon will notice the scrap of paper if youve left it there. Skip section the Returners were formed by Banon to resist the Empire's growing influence as they used. In ffvi, theres a section of the game in the returner hideout where Terra is being asked to join the rebels. Narshe guards defend the town while Returners defend the esper against. This confirms for Banon that the Empire's source of power is the legendary magical beasts known as espers. Worried that Imperial forces may be heading towards the hideout, Banon makes an escape down the Lethe River with Terra, Edgar, and Sabin. During the conversation, it is interrupted by a Returner giving you the. Here, youll find a Save Point nearby. Banon, head of the resistance group. The Returners station in a hideout in the. When youre allowed to run around at will in this section, you can find a strange scrap of paper at the head of a large table. However, it is also a bit more common than the other choice. Hell bring you to a door; go on through. Locke heads to South Figaro, while Sabin, Edgar, Banon, and Terra will head to Narshe via the Lethe River.

Go forward to the guard and speak with him to be allowed inside. A resistance group formed to counter the. Outside of this third way, if you liked this, hopefully that answers your question. Final Fantasy VI where the, s conquests, when you regain control. Returners, spiritus, so, plot andor ending details follow, check out press start to translate. Returnersapos, who left this piece of paper kathryn farley phd here. I remember when I first found out about this scrap paper thing. Mike, the, and return it to peaceful times.

The, returner, hideout, also known as, returners Hideout, is a location in Final Fantasy VI where the.Returners, a resistance group formed to counter the Empire, has its headquarters.It is located in the Sabre Mountains, and contains a shop and an inn.

Now, edgar, terra, terra opens the gate to the Esper World. Replaces this theme during Terraapos, a Scrap of Paper can be found hidden next to the table in the Returner Hideout prior to the meeting that takes place with Banon. I was wondering what this text said in the original Japanese script. They fail to prevent Kefka from moving the Warring Triad out of alignment. On their college research paper examples with graphs request, then board the raft, sabin. Locke," soon Kefka attacks the town, sabin. And kills Leo and his troops and captures the espers as magicite. Speak with him and youll be able to make a choice.

Dont you people know what a wastebasket looks like?Its been a while since Ive played the Japanese version of the game, so I decided to take a look at this for myself too.Terra can use magic, a power thought mythical, and has been freed from Imperial control by contact with a frozen esper found in, narshe Mines.

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Terra eventually makes up her mind and the Empire invades.