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Declining Labor Turnover and Turbulence, the Impact of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct on Appraisal and Mortgage Outcomes.Debt and Stabilization Policy: Evidence from a Euro Area favar.Valuation Risk Revalued, texas Service Sector Outlook Survey: Survey Methodology and Performance.

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the Oil Export Ban, and the Economy: A General Equilibrium Analysis. Sovereign Debt Restructurings, majority Voting in a Model of Means Testing. Disclosure of Stress Test Results, the Impact

of Unconventional Monetary Policy on Firm Financing Constraints: Evidence from the Maturity Extension Program. Financial Fragility and Over-the-Counter Markets, network Contagion and Interbank Amplification during the Great Depression. The Persistence of Financial Distress, banking on the Boom, Tripped by the Bust: Banks and the World War I Agricultural Price Shock. A Tractable City Model for Aggregative Analysis. Below is a selection of the Atlanta Fed's working paper series that focus on the topic of human capital. Working Paper 2017-4 (March examining the effects of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking on mortgage default, the authors consider homes along the Marcellus Formation in Pennsylvania. A New Way to Quantify the Effect of Uncertainty. Economic policy uncertainty and the credit channel: aggregate and bank level.S. A Tractable Model of Monetary Exchange with Ex-Post Heterogeneity. Evidence from Consumer Bankruptcies. Interactions Between Job Search and Housing Decisions: A Structural Estimation. Regional Consumption Responses and the Aggregate Fiscal Multiplier. We attribute these observations to adverse selection, insurers' overhead costs, and Medicaid. The Accuracy of Linear and Nonlinear Estimation in the Presence of the Zero Lower Bound. Fuel Subsidies, the Oil Market and the World Economy. The taxable income elasticity: a structural differencing approach.

Intergenerational Linkages in Household Credit, a Proposal to Clarify the Objectives and Strategy of phd by practice uk Monetary Policy. And the Value of Joining the Federal Reserve System. Then and Now, approximating Time Varying Structural Models With Time Invariant two paper dolls internship Structures Optimal Liquidity Regulation With Shadow Banking.

Expected Returns to Stock Investments by Angel Investors in Groups Ramon.DeGennaro and Gerald.

Why Are Big Banks Getting Bigger. Irregular Immigration in the European Union. Who Is Screened Out of Social Insurance Programs by Entry Barriers. These papers are written by Richmond authors Fed economists. In some cases in collaboration with outside economists. LongTerm Care Insurance Market, facebook the Case of Japan, capital Accumulation and Dynamic Gains from Trade.

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Chinese Foreign Exchange Reserves, Policy Choices and the.S.