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You can try to find out which dyes were used in black marker using other markers from the same package as a reference samples.The current causes the inks to move through the gel, and components of the ink become separated  based on their relative sizes.

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colored spots with a space between them. Have students answer the following questions on their data sheet:. There are many different solvents and their combinations you'll need to

try. Draw a pencil line one inch from the bottom of the strip. Write synonyms each brand name at the top of a paper strip in pencil. It's also the most time consuming part of the process, so be patient. You'll need: Chromatography paper(stationary phase) Coffee filter or blotting paper or paper towel may also work. If you're trying to separate something else put your sample(s) on the start line with small capillary or toothpick. The polarity of the mobile phase plays a key role in how far the components travel as well. Method: Choose three different brands of black marker. Were the colors different for the different brands of marker you tested? Using chromatography we can find out how many components are in paint, inks, markers as well as in natural dyes, leaf extracts.

The number of the spots or bands tells away you how many compounds are in your substance. Isopropyl alcohol, but many other applications have upenn since been discovered. I have had success with water, larger components do not travel as far as the smaller components.

Chromatography serves mainly as a tool for the examination and separation.Chromatography, paper.CopyrightInformation Information Copyright General Biology.

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What other mixtures can be separated in this way. I currently have two labs in my m store that global edge placement papers involve paper chromatography. And therefore do not travel as far. The mental illness paper titles pictures seen below show the separation of leaf pigments completed by a couple of my students 8, more polar substances bond with the cellulose paper more quickly. The length of the strip depend on the height of the chamber the width does not matter but it should be able freely get in the chromatography chamber. The result will be a pattern of different pigments. How does it work, separating Leaf Pigments, it is a method of separating the components of a mixture. How can this be used in middle and high school experiments. To achieve the best possible separation of the black marker pigments using paper chromatography. Except a very thin layer of material is placed on top of a rigid support.

If there is time, students can try it with other colored markers besides black.The ink line should not be in the water.

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The solvent used depends upon the solubility of the mixture you are trying to separate.