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Microsoft Exchange 2010 with VMware VSphere on Cisco

This should force it to create a certificate request file that gets placed in: C:windowssystem32.FigureĀ 20 DAG Replication Network Monitoring DAG Traffic The DAG network carries traffic for database seeding, log shipping, and cluster status communication.Touched memoryMemory actually used by the virtual machine.

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vNICs were shown as a "Cisco VIC Ethernet Interface #." once the Windows 2008 x64 drivers were downloaded and installed from the Cisco site for UCS driver downloads (under

Unified Computing System Adapters in the main. While larger virtual machines are possible in vSphere, VMware recommends reducing the number of virtual CPUs if monitoring of the actual workload shows that the Exchange application is not benefitting from the increased virtual CPUs. Figure 3 displays these transactions at a high level. This document and its technology recommendations are intended to be used in a pure Exchange 2010 deployment, however some may work in Exchange 2007 or mixed deployments. The E5540 processor model is used in the two mailbox servers in the Large DC and in the third mailbox server in the. The Cisco ACE implements its own SSL stack and does not rely on any version of OpenSSL. ALL designs, specifications, statements, information, AND recommendations (collectively, "designs IN this manual ARE presented "AS IS with ALL faults. NetApp recommends separating database and transaction logs from different servers into separate volumes to prevent a potential "busy" Snapshot copy problem. Average CPU utilization stays between 40-60. The Remote User link profile was used. The lines of configuration shown in these sections do not necessarily correspond to how they are displayed when a command line user issues a show running-config command on the WAE device. The Mailbox server is the second node of the DAG that spans the small data center and this disaster recovery data center. The storage was provisioned with enough capacity to keep one week of snapshots. Server responds authentication request from a client and redirects to /owa/ and sets two cookies, "cadata" and "sessionid". Using Snapshot can result in savings in storage cost for backup and restore purposes designs and opens up a number of efficient data management possibilities. The scenario for branch office users consists of the following workflow:. Server administrators can then later assign these network policies to their new virtual machines using the VCenter Server GUI, making it so much easier and faster to deploy new servers as they do not have to wait for the network configuration to be put. However, SLAs and multi-tenancy may require a guaranteed amount of compute resource to be available. It contains the fqdn of the Exchange server that the users would be targeting in their Outlook connections. In addition, this solution followed the Microsoft recommendation of keeping databases sizes under 2TB; as a result, each mailbox server in the Large DC ended up with the following: Two databases for the 1G mailboxes; each database supporting 1100 users Two databases for the 512MB. For more information on this topic, see CPU Configuration Guidelines for VSphere. Performance numbers are taken to show the optimization achieved with this first "cold" E-mail download where the local delta cache on the client has no data that can be leveraged to minimize redundant bytes across the WAN.

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Standalone or Database Availability Group A mailbox server in a DAG needs additional CPU cycles to support the services for cluster monitoring and database replication. Icmp, http to determine which servers are available and which are offline. Audience This document is primarily intended for enterprises interested in virtualizing their Exchange 2010 servers using VMware VSphere on the Cisco Unified Computing System. It is important to designate which DAG network should be the network used for DAG clusterreplication traffic so that the particular network is always used unless it is unavailable. While Microsoft supports a configuration in which the DAG traffic and mapi traffic are carried over the same network. As shown in Figure 67, sP Storage ProcessorA SAN component that processes HBA requests routed through an FC switch and handles writing the raidvolume functionality of the disk array. We can see the list of LUNs accessible by each ESX host as well as the dual paths available through the SAN fabric. Mailbox Server Role, g Through VCenter, determine the health of servers directly through different probes. RDM is required when using thirdparty clustering software.

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These factors are entered into fail the Excel calculator. Connect to Microsoft Exchange using htt" The graph in Figure 88 shows the effective link capacity for the Outlook Anywhere traffic that resulted from caching and compression see the following Figure 89. Should it become unavailable, and the compression ratio for log shipping traffic.

The "Delta Cache Settings" can be left at their default values except that the https Caching should be enabled to realize the full benefits of https acceleration.The server responds to the Cisco ACE based on the source IP of the request.The Cisco ACE supports device partitioning where a single physical device may provide multiple logical devices.

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Megacycles Available The megacycles available for a given processor must be determined so it can be used as an input to calculate how many processors are required on each mailbox server.