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Polylith is environmentally-friendly and is manufactured in accordance with strict pollution control procedures. Polylith is resistant to cracking, shrinking or distortion in size or color.

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Take a close look around your house or the next time you walk through synthetic a store. Finishes which make Polylith a serious consideration paper for almost any application. Polylith is far stronger than conventional paper and supports a massive selection of grades. Gauges, and superior print fidelity, polylith is resistant to water, labels are wound outwards. Without the need to separate the materials in the recycling process 2 mil White Highly aggressive permanent adhesive Topcoated facestock Heat resistant Highly smudge resistant RoHS Compliant Solvent resistance uccul recognized Water resistant Weather resistant. You should test Polyester labels and ribbons.

DuraPoly - Polyester, synthetic, labels.Polylith synthetic paper is the best of paper.

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