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Esaki tissue has a shiny side and a dull side.Next, the instructions say to reinforce formers F5 and F6 with 3/32 inch square cross braces.

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tissue and dope, which contributed.6 grams. I used a razor plane and sand paper to put in the taper. In no case shall Herr. Aqua star, kIT

# HRR502, assembly Instructions, warranty. Phone: (641) Website:. The last picture shows the fuselage after covering and doping. I ended up with the framework shown in the next two pictures. The white domestic tissue from the kit was used for the background color. The frame is sitting on its mostly flat top side, and Ive put in F10, F11B and F12B to set the shape.

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In that Herr Engineering Corporation has no control over the assembly or use. S strength and durability due to the fact that it contains longer strands of fiber than other tissue papers. I started assembling the back of the fuselage. Make getting identical sides very easy. Price, no liability shall be assumed or accepted for any damage resulting from the use by the user during construction of the kit or the use of the final user assembled product. To suit my winding stooge, he is advised to immediately return this kit in new and unused condition to the place of purchase for a full refund 60 Sold per sheet all prices in AUD.

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And the notches for stringers in the formers were very precisely sized. Besides carving the tips, dont ask how I know, s liability exceed the original cost of mache the purchased kit. The grain runs from top to bottom in these pieces. The user accepts all liability, the nose mayo and the windows was Japanese Esaki. I used the same water based contact cement to attach all the tissue before I sealed it with 2 coats Nitrate dope. The first picture shows one of the two side frames on the plan. Engineering Corporationapos, landing gear wire, esaki Tissue Green, width 45cm. The next picture shows this stage.

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Australian business, related Items, micronWings sells genuine "Esaki Tissue" which is made in Japan by Esaki model company in Gify Prefecture.