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First, what would otherwise be a typical, nationalistic valorization of peasantry is complicated due to folkloric and historical narratives of rebellion and resistance that challenge central authority.Successfully defended on 5/8/2008 James Cedric Woods Contemporary Native American tribes of southern New England: the Mashantucket P"of Connecticut and the Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusetts Contemporary Native American tribes of southern New England have been subjected to multiple waves of colonization, warfare, and disease, yet.It moves beyond merely theorizing about the role of culture in informing attitudes by systematically exploring the shared meanings embedded in participants narratives about immigration and immigration-related issues.

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Nuñoa, Peru mPH Author: Morgan Hoke, advisor: William Funk growing Babies, Growing Inequalities: A Biocultural Examination of the Influences of Infant Growth in Nunoa Peru. Creekmore III Advisor: Cynthia

Robin "Working at Risk: An Ethnography of Making Markets in Chicago" Author: Gail. 2008 Bread, Sweat, and Tears? "Civil Society or a Nation-State?" Macedonian and Albanian Intellectuals Building the Macedonian State and Nation(s). Clark, Julia (2015) Modeling Late Prehistoric and Early Historic Pastoral Adaptations in Northern Mongolia's Darkhad Depression. To accomplish this, I focus on four key aspects of daily life in the village: social interactions, labor relations, cultural landscape and foodways. An adult deciding to be tested for sickle cell disease considers numerous issues including an understanding of genetic inheritance, cultural values of kinship and identity, worries about stigma and discrimination, and the perceived impact of the results on the individuals life. Intensive Agriculture and Political Economy of the Yaguachi Chiefdom of Guayas Basin, Coastal Ecuador. This result is surprising, given the complexity of the site as evidenced in the multiple buildings utilized for storage and domestic activities. At the same time, the most abundant and often ignored evidence for Palaeolithic land use is found in upland, surface lithic assemblages. These aspects of identity influenced peoples access to economic and social resources, informed their relationships and sometimes resulted in the formation of tensions and boundaries between different groups. Sözer, Hande (2013) Managing (In)Visibility By A Double Minority: Dissimulation And Identity Maintenance Among Alevi Bulgarian Turks. One explanation for this disparity is that the village was occupied only briefly before the Avellino eruption destroyed. Huaracane Social Organization: Change Over Time at the Prehispanic Community of Yahuay Alta, Perú. 2002 Multi-Scalar Analysis of Domestic Activities at Parker Farm: A Late Prehistoric Cayuga Iroquois Village. Parents favor caste-endogamous marriages arranged by family elders. This understanding aids an assessment of how salient rule of law initiative will be to local communities. Graham Ubaid Agriculture at Kenan Tepe, Southeastern Turkey The primary goals of this dissertation are: 1) to understand the agricultural system at Kenan Tepe during the Ubaid period including the types of crops grown, the agronomic methods used, and the purposes they served; and 2). It is a study of both change and continuity, as these tribes chose what worked and discarded failed strategies in order to ensure their survival. This dissertation examines data on violence exposure and mental health collected from 56 boys incarcerated in a CT juvenile detention center. Both features suggest that small-scale diy paper dice tray pyrotechnological activities routinely occurred within these domestic structures. Examining relationships in the context of family, friendship, interest groups, and law, I explore how relationships are defined, challenged, and transformed in the context of gender transition. My research demonstrates that there are elements of the local legal consciousness that both reinforce and oppose the strengthening of the rule law. Consequently, this dissertation illuminates the agricultural system of Ubaid period Kenan Tepe as well as how domestic tasks were organized on the household level. Rodrigo Ruben Gregorio Liendo Stuardo.

Household And Community Archaeology At El Lacandon. This persistence is due not just to their adaptive ability in relation to the changes in their physical environment but also to their ability to change and adapt to the new social and political order in which they live. Taking, this dissertation presents a critical medical anthropological approach that critiques biomedical knowledge as the primary method to understand perceptions about a medical technology. Adam Clayton Joseph Menzies, the chronic violence the boys are exposed to leads to a perception of dissertations in anthropology violence that differs from mainstream culture. And Sharing, media portray young Indian transnational workers as budding capitalists swayed by Western values. Negotiating Infant dissertations in anthropology and Child Feeding in Urban and PeriUrban Vanuatu. The results show that maternal education was not strongly correlated with improved child nutrition status. Successfully defended on 43009 Akeia, identity and Development in Rural Bolivia. Micromorphological analysis reveals a general lack of material remains embedded in the occupation surfaces at Afragola.

Dissertations, all dissertations written by students in the Department.Anthropology for the past 12 years are listed chronologically below.All of the department s dissertations are available at the Northwestern University Library and can be found using the librarys online catalog.

The Early Bronze Age EBA is an important transitional period characterized by emergent social complexity 1 continued connection to anthropology homeland commonly. Of Connecticut and the Mashpee Wampanoag of Massachusettshave adapted the structure of their governments to deal with various colonial. The everyday conflicts that people must negotiate shape their views of accountability. Cambodian American cultural models of diabetes are compared to a general American sample.

Additionally, polarizing histories of World War Two with its conflict between partisans and collaborators/anti-communists resulted in a societal schism that resonates to this day.Power and Competition in the Upper Egyptian Predynastic: A View from the Predynastic Settlement at el-Mahâsna, Egypt.This research represents one of the first evolutionary studies of religion to examine the tradeoff between ritual participation and resource acquisition.

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Parents and marriageable children differ on the criteria they consider important in choosing a spouse and on their general model of marriage.