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It is very pretty stuff and can be used in all sorts of crafts applications.Carbon Offsets The financial instrument, utilized by individuals or companies, representing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.Ink Coverage The portion of the total surface area of the paper which is covered by ink.

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green liquor. Smoothing Press A plain roll press just before the dryer section start, used to smoothen the paper surface. Nitration Pulps High purity pulps that are reacted with

nitric acid to form a class of chemical derivatives called cellulose nitrates. Retention Aid Chemical additives, especially high molecular weight copolymers of acrylamide, designed to increase the retention efficiency of fine materials during paper formation. Wood Pulp Mechanical or chemical pulp made from wood (cf. Tack or Stickiness Tack is a critical property of the ink used in lithography. It is put back in to the pulping system. Gypsum Board The main ingredient 20x20 graph paper pdf in gypsum board is gypsum (calcium sulfate Ca2SO4 a mineral. Virgin Fiber Fiber that has never been used before in the manufacture of paper or other products. Laminated Linerboard Two or more plies of linerboard adhered to one another for increased structural stability. The test duration must be specified to properly know the absorption rate. Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) Used to clean up flue and process gases. Paper used for this needs to have high bulk (1.1.2 high tensile strength of about 2 kg/15 mm in MD and good opacity (90) so that the fine print made on thin paper like 40 gsm would be readable on both side. Broke Pulper A broke pulper is used to break down the broke into a stock that can be pumped and treated. Freesheet Paper containing less than 10 mechanical wood pulp, which is true of virtually all fine printing papers.

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No conductive particles and no pin holes. Batch Cooking A chemical pulping process in which uppsc paper download a discrete quantity of fibrous raw material is individually process. Fax Base Paper It is first coated with photo conductive zinc oxide on which images are exposed.

Verb (used with object blotted, blotting.To spot, stain, soil, or the like.

Dryer screen etc, breaking Length The length beyond which a strip of paper of uniform width would break under its own weight if suspended from one end. Sulfate Pulping Alkaline process of cooking define pulp. Defacto highest grade of paper, weft The cross machine direction yarns in a woven fabric press felt. Top Side Side of the paper opposite to the wire side 3 Social and absorbent personal stationery is often called vellum. Used for labels, posters and decorative application, pin Holes Imperfections in paper which appear as minute holes upon looking through the sheet. Alum The paper maker alum is hydrated Aluminum Sulfate Al2SO43. Ink Tack The body or cohesiveness of ink.

Couch Pit or Hog Pit This is the pit below the couch roll.Facial tissue: The class of soft, absorbent papers in the sanitary tissue group.Dryer screens are used in the later part of dryer section where paper is 60 dry to avoid any screen impression.

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Stampers The wooden hammers used in a watermill to pulp rags in order to separate the fibers.