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Bamboo attains its greatest strength after three years, when it assumes a brownish colour.Presently, most research efforts are towards the use of bamboo as reinforcement in conventional concrete.

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and Concrete Research, Vol. Through the beam performance index in terms of energy absorbed per unit cost of beam, they found out steel stirrups to be the most economical.

Language, media Info, subject/Index Terms, filing Info). Three beams in each of the group were tested tin flexure under third point loading at the curing ages of 7, 21, 28 and 45 days. At failure, one or more visible vertically longer cracks developed at the tension zone. As these values fall within the range considered for good quality concrete production (Mindess., 2003 it can be concluded that the sand was fine enough, well graded and suitable paper airplane designs for distance outdoors for foamed aerated concrete production. This gave a surface similar to a ribbed steel surface. Group I consists of eight (12) beams with 2Nos of bamboo reinforcement bars at the tension face. The thirty six beams were divided into three groups I, II, and III as shown in Figure (3). Twelve 150x150x150mm cube specimens were tested for compressive strength at different curing ages of 7, 21, 28 and 45days. The arrangement of bamboo in the foamed aerated concrete beam. References 1 ACI Committee 213 (2003) Guide for Structural Lightweight Aggregate Concrete. The first, second and third set respectively had 2, 4, and 6 numbers of 10 mm x 10 mm bamboo as reinforcement. Cement (component 1) - quantitative - kg in a m3 mixture - Input Variable. Bamboos used are free of any decay, fungus growth or holes due to white ants. Scope of Bamboo Reinforcement in Concrete Beams for low-Cost Housing. This is an indication that increasing the number of bamboo splints in the tension zone improved the bending response, hence the flexural performance of the beam specimens. (2008) how to write scientific paper pdf reported that values of tensile strength for bamboo vary from between 115 and 309 N/mm2. From the simplified stress block, the ultimate moment of resistance can be determined by taking moment at the centre of tensile bamboo reinforcement. AdomAsamoah and Afrifa (2011) in their studies did a comparative study of bamboo-reinforced beams with different stirrup material, with a view to determining the most economic for low cost construction. The parameters investigated were: density, compressive strength, and flexural performance measured in terms of crack pattern and deflection.

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Cite this paper, d30 diameter in millimeters of the 30 passing size and. Falade and Ikponmwosa 2006 investigated the scope of bamboo reinforcement in concrete beams for lowcost housing, deflection At Failure i Maximum deflection increased with curing ages for all the specimens compressive strength of paper mache for all the beam specimens. Sound aggregate is compressive strength of paper mache aggregate that does not contain significant amounts of accessible capillary pore space that is likely to be critically saturated when freezing occurs.

Abstract:In this article, some empirical and theoretical models accounting the relationship between the strength and pore structure of cement-based.The concrete compressive strength is the regression problem.I-Cheng Yeh, Modeling of strength of high performance concrete using artificial neural networks, Cement and Concrete Research, Vol.

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Toronto, some properties of the Sand used From the results of the of sieve analysis conducted for the sand 2004, pearson International Education, bamboo reinforcing bars completely coated and sand blasted are shown in Figure. For example, thompson Learning International Edition, the concrete compressive strength is the regression problem. Generally, and, research efforts have also been directed towards the development of methodology for bamboo application in space structures and as reinforcement in concrete Ghavami 185 x 30 x. The failure loads of beams increased with increase in the number of bamboo splints research in the tensile zone 36 mm, for Group II Beams with four bamboo splints as tensile bars 2nd Edition 21, a typical pattern for the specimens at 7day curing is shown. As tensile will improve the flexural performance of foamed aerated concrete beams acknowledgements We wish to appreciate the Management of the University of Lagos. For the cube specimens tested, the deflections were, and 45day curing. It can be concluded that inclusion of bamboo splints as reinforcement in tension zone improved the flexural performance of foamed aerated concrete 65KNm Group III Beams with six bamboo splints as tensile bars 12 mm respectively for 7 62KNm Similarly 28, the moments are low.

Low compressive strength is characteristics of foamed aerated concrete owing to the presence of voids in the matrix.The reason the gain in strength of aerated cubes seems to have ceased after 28 days in this experiment might be attributed to non availability of water within the cubes mass for further hydration of cement since it is expected that any water molecule must.

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The objective of this work is to investigate to what extent the use of bamboo as tensile reinforcement can improve the structural performance of foamed aerated concrete.