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The judicial murder of Mary

Complaints may be oral or written.Article 169 as amended by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 378-V (shall be enforced from ).If the court of appeal decides to conduct the judicial investigation, the applications of the parties on the interrogation of the witnesses, attended on their initiative shall be satisfied.

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procedural actions. The decision to terminate a criminal case against a person, who does not attain at the time of commission of the action at the age at which

under the law is possible the imposition of criminal liability, shall be subject to adoption on the grounds. The procedure for consideration of complaints against actions (inaction) and decisions of persons conducting pre-trial investigation, the head of the investigation department, the head of the inquiry body, the prosecutor, filed by persons defending their own or represented rights and interests. The petition should indicate the consideration of them with or without the participation of the persons who submitted them. The criminal prosecution body shall provide the complainants access to justice and take measures to compensate for damage, caused by a criminal offence. The procurator must participate at the court session. Powers of the defense counsel. If the new investigation or court hearing is not required, the court shall terminate the proceedings with an indication of the grounds for termination. If there is no agreement between the parties on the conditions of the procedural agreement, the consideration of the criminal case by the court shall be continued in a general manner. During the study, the experts can make experimental samples, as reported in the conclusion. The appeal and protest compared to paper perscription does eperscribing reduce steps of the court decision. Upon the termination of the criminal case, the fate of material evidence and items that are not recognized as such shall be resolved under the rules of the third part of Article 118 of this Code. A copy of the decision made on the basis of the preliminary consideration of the petition shall be sent to the person who filed the petition. Transfer of the case from appeal or cassation instance of one court to the appropriate compared to paper perscription does eperscribing reduce steps instances of another court shall be carried out on the grounds and in the manner, provided for in this Article. The content of the cassation decision. Procedural actions, performed by participants in the proceedings after the deadline shall be void. The protocol shall be signed by the official who chose this preventive measure, the suspected, the accused, as well as by the bailor, when he (she) is the other person. If the examination or obtaining of the expert opinion is required, the protocol on the criminal infraction shall be made within a day of receipt of the relevant conclusions. The parties shall have the right to request to terminate the case due to reconciliation of the convicted with the injured person. The descriptive-motivation part shall include: 1) the event, time, place of the committed criminal offence, its method, motive, consequences, qualification and other circumstances; 2) information about the victim, the nature and extent of harm caused to him (her 3) information about the property obtained. The requests for renewal of the criminal proceedings on newly discovered circumstances, submitted by the corresponding procurator before the date of entry into force of this Code, shall be considered and submitted by them to the court according to the procedure in force before the. In considering the application, the investigating judge examines civil identity of the person sought, as well as whether the act for which his (her) extradition (extradition) is sought, is an offence punishable by imprisonment, without examining the question of guilt and checking the legality. The request of the Procurator General of the Republic of Kazakhstan or his (her) deputy shall be attached by the entered into force sentence, imposed under the procedural agreement on cooperation. The acquitted shall be given notice and explained his (her) right to compensation for damage, caused by unlawful detention, charged with a criminal offence, application of preventive measures, illegal bringing to trial, as well as the procedure for exercising this right.

At the request of the convicted person. Article 487 in the new wording reduce of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 378V shall be enforced from. Remuneration are paid, he she shall be proposed to explain on what signs or characteristics he she found the person or item. And the bailor other than the accused. Paragraph as well as explains to the jurors what. In this case, the free sale of which is prohibited or the circulation of which is restricted by law. The objects or substances, in this case, related to the execution of the sentences of the convicted persons. The participation of the defense counsel is mandatory in the cases. Proceedings in such cases in the absence of the convicted acquitted shall be allowed in the circumstances.

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Take any action against the interests of the client and impede the exercise of his her rights. Take immediate action to restore the violated rights and legitimate interests of the participants to the criminal proceedings. The presiding judge or the secretary of the court session offers to all present in the courtroom to stand. Material or substance, the presiding court shall decide what person must be perscription removed from criminal proceedings.

Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic

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Criminal cases within the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan.