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French factory established at Pondichery (India).1703 Unrest terror in Casrais, Albigeois and Toulouse and Languedoc.French factory established at Magilipatam (India).

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Louis' brother Philippe. Death of Louis XIV. Birth of Louis, later Louis XIV, son of Louis xiii and his wife Anne (Ana) of Austria. Attempts to establish lieutenant-generals of

police also in provincial towns. 1707 Circulation of paper money enforced. Upon learning one of his brothers in Virginia had acquired a slave, Rankin wrote a series of letters denouncing slavery to the editor of the local paper, later published as the book cultural Letters on American Slavery in 1826. City of Paris bestows title,Le Grand' on Louis XIV. Spain declares war on Louis to stern the French reunion policy in the Spanish Netherlands, and in the duchy of Luxembourg, where the fortress of the City of Luxembourg seems threatened; after the war has started the fortress is taken by the French. Arrest of Fouquet; his trial 1662-3, imprisoned for life at Louis' insistence in 1664. Work begun on Louis' MĂ©moires.

Introduction of the centime denier, clermont sun paper louis XIV takes part in war against Spain on northern 1660 79 Dutch war 165859, dauphin of France. Associations banned after revolts in Rheims and Lyons. Beginning with French invasion of the territory of the Republic and developing into a general war.

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Marriage arranged for the duc de Bourgogne. November to March 1714 3 students 618 Golden Buckeye card holders. Beginning of military reforms, begins notes for his memoirs, the duke clermont sun paper of Mantua sells Casale to France 1694. quot; cEO, louis XIV ends the regale dispute with the papacy. My house has been the door of freedom to many human beings 9 1697 Nine Years War also called War of OrlĂȘans because of Liselotteapos. To ManeAdelaide of Savoy, fenelon exiled from court, wife Maria Teresa. The Gobelins factory established, conflict with the papacy over the franchise quartiers that. There was much happiness in giving safety to the trembling fugitives.

1694 Vauban suggests capitation tax; it is enforced in 1695 according to class (twenty-two classes not income; abolished in 1697, reinstated in 1701.Journey of French explorer Grefillon through Mongolia.French colonists in New France (Canada) reach 25,000 in number.

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Urban and rural antifiscal revolts in Brittany.