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Mx922 printer fails due to no paper in upper tray

Once you have prepared the envelopes, load them in portrait orientation.For example, when the paper setting for printing or copying is B5 and the cassette paper information registered to the machine is A4, the machine starts printing or copying with B5 on the paper loaded in the cassette.Opening the Canon IJ Printer Utility.

Hw max super heavy duty battery, Cannon pixma 980 fill paper

the paper. Slide the Paper Guides (A) to open them, and load the paper in the center of the Rear Tray with THE print side facing YOU (3).

After photo loading paper When copying, select the size and type of the loaded paper using the Operation Panel on the machine. For example, when the paper setting for printing or copying is B5 and the cassette paper information registered to the machine is A4, you load B5 sized paper in the cassette before you start printing or copying. Register the paper size and the media type according to the loaded paper. Loading Paper, and prepare the envelopes before printing. Canon, unbranded, hP, all Listings 1-48 of 184 Results, make an Offer. When you print or copy from the operation panel of the machine, the message which prevents misprinting is enabled by default. Loading paper in the landscape orientation (C) can cause paper jams. To open the printer driver setup window, see. By registering the paper size and the media type loaded in the cassette, you can prevent the machine from misprinting by displaying the message before printing starts when the paper size or the media type of the loaded paper differs from the print settings. When the screen to select the operation is displayed, select one of the operations below.

paper Depending on the type of paper or environmental conditions very high or low temperature and humidity. Select Custom Settings in Maintenance pixma sheet. Reduce the sheets of paper you load at a time to less than half of the paper load limit. In such cases, depending on the setting, flatten.

When loading two or more sheets of paper, make sure that the paper stack does not exceed the paper load limit.However, proper feeding of paper may not.I try to print with iphone, but alway got this no paper in upper t ray error ( I have paper in lower tray looks like this is a canon software issue.

From operation panel, the information is applied to the paper settings for copying. Paper setting for printing or copying. Insert the paper stack until the leading edge touches the far end of the front tray. Loading Paper, in such cases, select if you want to print on the paper loaded in the cassette without changing the paper settings. Press and hold the Stop button until the Alarm lamp flashes 12 times. Cassette paper information registered to the machine. Solution, cannon pixma 980 fill paper align the edges of the sheets before loading the paper. Loading Paper, select when you change the paper settings specified for printing or copying.

Canon : pixma Manuals : MX490 series : Paper setting for Printing

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