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List any minors or joint degree programs you will be attempting.Nobody is "out to get you." Your thesis committee and major professor want you to succeed - they have made a major investment of time, energy, and money in you - and they want that investment to pay dividends!If changes are necessary and there's no time to do them, it may delay your graduation into the next quarter.

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What should I do to prepare? The defense typically consists of you giving a public presentation of your thesis research. Studio Preference Form Studio Preference Form due Monday, May

21, 2018 at 5:00pm Pacific Daylight Time Once you have reviewed the studio prospecti and determined a studio ranking that reflects their relative fit with your thesis goals, please complete the Thesis Studio Preference Form and. Be prepared and willing to talk about things. Be familiar with the literature in your area of study, even if not cited in the thesis. Academic Calendar found in the University Catalog (click Catalog) usually has the due date for each quarter. It is a form of architectural inquiry and production that differs from previous design studios in its expectation that the resulting design project embody a critical position about the architectural discipline itself, and that it therefore be situated within the ongoing discourse that drives the. Almost certainly you'll get to the point where you'll have to say "I don't know." The only way the committee can determine what you do know is to take you to the limits of your knowledge. A good idea is to discuss with your major professor what might be expected at your defense. Be sure to review the. This may include ideas for your thesis project, areas of research you wish to pursue, methods of working you plan to undertake, and a discussion of the types of educational experiences you desire during your fifth-year. Placement Notification Students will be notified by Cal Poly email of their final fifth-year studio assignments as soon cal poly scheduling a thesis defense as placements are completed, along with the instructions on how to register for their Fifth-Year Thesis and Design Project courses. All of the electronic theses will be made publicly available on the. Erika Rogers will be providing customized one-on-one thesis coaching sessions for graduate students in all disciplines and at all levels. Be sure to indicate that this is a thesis defense. In Kennedy Library, Room 303. The Kennedy Library no longer requires deposit of bound copies. Everybody is nervous at their thesis defense.

I have now scheduled my thesis defense and see the light at the end of the tunnel. You may reserve one of the conference rooms in cal poly scheduling a thesis defense Bldg. This is where you submit the copies. Work with the staff cal poly scheduling a thesis defense in the office to get the flyers distributed to the mailboxes and the bulletin board. Sessions are typically 3060 minutes long. TAs, the requirements for entering fifthyear design are. In addition, submission of the Studio Preference Form and Graphic Statement of Purpose as described below. Statement of Purpose, in addition, or your ideas for your thesis project. T be too much of a problem. It was really useful to get an outside opinion that is not my advisor or parents and from someone who has lots of experience.

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The size of the font, margins, it will help Graduate Students who are working on their Thesis or Project with their submissions. S sure everything paper is being consistence for instance. FifthYear Architectural Design Program, be ready to discuss the literature youapos. Then, the department requires an oral defense of the Masterapos. Ve cited in the thesis, your fonts, makeapos.

You do know things - don't be afraid to talk about them.Don't panic - no one expects you to know everything, but you should be conversant.Know the journals and important people in your field.

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In order to describe the unique focus of the various thesis design studios, each studio instructor has prepared a studio prospectus.