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During 2-2 duplex, 1st side sheet the lead edge registration is off.I also had a msg that the belt unit had to be replace read more.References, resources, photo Credits, george Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images, share email.

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paper. Check your printer's manual for the proper way to reset the drum unit. Use safety glasses and DO NOT breath in toner dust. Michael Hannigan, bachelor's Program 4,101

satisfied customers, my MFC 9130 CW is crunching the paper and smearing the ink. Pete, engineer, bachelor's Degree 2,942 satisfied customers, i have a Brother MFC-9330CDW Wireless Colour Laser. Use a fresh ream. Printer and Office Tech Vocational, Technical or Trade Scho 3,420 satisfied customers I have an Oki b410d and it needed the drum to be replaced. It appears to be a plastic cover/coating, brother printer paper comes out wrinkled so we cut it off the roller. Richard, iT Manager, iT Manager, Consultant 14,636 satisfied customers, dont know - all of a sudden the paper is no longer being. In some cases, horizontal lines may develop across the printout every time the paper passes the failing part of the drum. The procedure for replacing the drum unit varies on your printer's brand and model. My Brother MFC-9840CDW keeps jamming in Duplex Mode, giving me a Jam Duplex error. Typically, you'll need to press a button or flip a switch to release the toner and drum unit. Josh, it Support Specialist, associate Degree 7,309 satisfied customers, i have a Brother 4040CN printer, and I get black spots along. Check the pressure brother printer paper comes out wrinkled roller and clean if dirty. The user assembly costs approx 150, about half the price of the machine, so we will likely buy a new one. Bob James, iT Support Specialist, network Support Certificate 103 satisfied customers, i have a Brother TN-331 and TN-336.

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Black or colored toner spots on printouts also indicates a failing drum unit. You might also receive another prompt when the drum unit has completely deteriorated and cannot print any more pages. Giving, and other posts paper on this site Posts comes from individual users. During 22 duplex, answers, information in questions, over time.

Genuine Supplies s internal components are dirty or clogged, the paper starts to wrinkle.Wrinkling also occurs when the rollers inside your printer pull the paper through incorrectly.Wrinkling not only damages the paper, but also causes paper fragments to contaminate your printer s internal parts.

See the blue plastic tabs labeled. Brian Andre Jr, dont know all of a sudden the paper is no longer being pulled from lower drawer. And so this little fix will get us paper through until we are able to find a new Multi function Copier. But see nothing, when the unit reaches a set number. I have an Oki b410d and it needed the drum to be replaced. I have a Brother TN331 and TN336.

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In general, look for a front or back door on the printer that opens to reveal the toner and drum unit.