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Kemira Oyj, AkzoNobel.V., basf SE, Dow Chemical Company, Nalco Holdings, and Ashland, Inc.The policy was cautiously received by NGOs and third party organisations.

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leading Specialty Pulp and Paper Chemicals company on a global level in 2015. In June 2015, april announced its enhanced Sustainable Forest Management Policy. 33 In 2015, it pioneered

the Fire-Free Village Programme, an incentive-based duncan lindsey phd initiative that involves working at the community level to encourage alternatives to fire as a land management tool. Hence, the improved process efficiency due to its use is also anticipated to drive the global Specialty Pulp and Paper Chemicals market in the forecast timespan. M/april-Fire-Prevention "Indonesian villages rewarded for not burning to tackle annual haze crisis". Specialty pulp and paper chemicals 12 inch gold paper doilies bulk market size is split by four product segments which include bleaching, process, functional, and basic chemicals. They are expected to lose their market share to functional chemicals in the forecast timeframe. Growing demand for one-sided specialty (coated) papers is likely to be the major driver for growth. 30 As of April 2016, the company is seeking re-certification with FSC. "April vows to stop clearing Indonesia's rainforests". One-sided specialty (coated) papers, manufactured from specialty chemicals such as functional and process chemicals, find product in labeling, release liners, envelopes, laminating, gift wrapping, posters, and thermal transfers among several others. 37 Under this program, april also conducts community education campaign, monitors air quality and even hires and trains people to be Village Crew Leaders to spread "no-burn" message. 26 Criticism and Controversies edit Environmental Impact edit april has been criticised by NGOs for contributing to deforestation in Indonesia. Aprils pulp and paper mill located at Pangkalan Kerinci.

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Germanybased nonprofit ceritfication organisation Forest Stewardship Council FSC announced that it has ended all association with april after a complain filed by NGOs Greenpeace International. Diazo paper, growing demand for tissues, graphic papers. The Sydney Morning Herald, singapore," aprilapos. April 2013, asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited. Or, is a developer of fibre plantations and the owner of one of the worldapos. The rising demand for recycled papers owing to increasing awareness about environmental conservation will drive the demand for bleaching paper chemicals. In addition to doubling the ecorestoration area to 150.

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It was later accepted as an International Stakeholder member by pefc in February 2016. With rise in advanced electronic media the sale demand for paper media for magazines will find a decline in the next eight years. Friends of the Earth accused april bullying of fuelling the deforestation of Indonesia.

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However, the increasing use of specialty papers for packaging will drive the growth for specialty pulp and paper chemicals from 2016 to 2024.