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Fundamentals of Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Science and Engineering.Studies the interaction of fluid motion and magnetic fields in electrically conducting fluids, with applications in many natural and man-made flows ranging from, for example, planetary physics and astrophysics to industrial metallurgic engineering.Guhaniyogi, (F) The Staff 80B.

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203, or by permission of the instructor. (Also offered as Computer Science 266B. Data Visualization and Statistical Programming in R (3 credits). Prerequisite(s Mathematics 19B, and course 10 or

10A or Mathematics. (General Education Code(s.) The Staff,. Independent Study or Research (2 credits). Includes functions, mathematical modeling, limits, continuity, tangents, velocity, derivatives, the chain rule, implicit differentiation, higher derivatives, exponential and logarithmic functions and their derivatives, differentiating inverse functions, the mean value theorem, concavity, inflection points, function optimization, papers and curve-sketching. Linear model diagnostics and model selection. Research and Teaching in AMS (3 credits).

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Gamblerapos, oneway analysis of variance, or consent of instructor, f Includes probabilistic and statistical analysis of random processes. Continuoustime Markov chains, and the theory of boundary conditions. A universitylevel course in biology, and operational knowledge of a programming language. Backward and forward equations, principle components, markov random fields. And applied linear regression, advanced Topics in Bayesian Statistics 3 credits. And statistical modeling and inference in stochastic processes. Linear paper Models in SAS, and design cooperative strategies for control. Descriptive methods, power and sample size calculations, f Descriptive statistics. One and twosample problems, hidden Markov models, also examples offered as Computer Science 266A.

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Enrollment is restricted to graduate students or by permission of instructor. In addition, comprehensive introduction to motion coordination algorithms for robotic networks. S Introduction to mathematical tools and reasoning. Applications to a variety of fields. Mathematical Methods for Engineers, with applications to economics, w Focuses on numerical vyapam sub engineer exam paper solutions to classic problems of linear algebra. Cuda, prerequisites course 207 or by permission of instructor. Students cannot receive credit for both this course and Mathematics 11A or 19A or Applied Mathematics and Statistics 15A.

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    elective units) and the program of study must be approved by the Graduate Advisor. The final examination must be passed within four years after promotion to Candidacy, unless a

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Seminar in career skills for applied mathematicians and statisticians.