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A student-run colloquium series allows us to explore topics that are of keen, present interest within our community.Our students are free to take courses and pursue dissertation projects with virtually any combination of mentors on campus, creating new constellations of expertise, and new approaches to scholarship, as they.

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subject areas, encouraging students to reflect on both the historic heritage and contemporary expression of our national experiences. We encourage you to explore this website and learn more

about the groundbreaking work that has been launched from this program in the past, and that will continue to shape American Studies in the future). Riding Bareback: Imagining American Sexuality, Gender, and Race through Rodeo. Other appropriate faculty, including faculty from other institutions, may be included with the approval of the ACS PhD Executive Committee. They may also focus on Anglophone texts emerging from the global south of South Asia, East Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. 20th and 21st Century American Literary and Cultural Studies. Feast, Fast, and Flesh: the Violence of Hunger in Colonial New England and New France. The primary goal of the PhD program in American Studies is to train students to become knowledgeable, engaged, and productive scholars and public humanists. Faculty offer theoretical expertise in modernity studies, customizable letter tracing paper postcolonial studies, gender and sexualities, legal discourses, mobility studies, and immigration studies. . As part of their progress toward the. Students who enter with.A. The LCS program offers extensive investigation of 20th and 21st century literature and culture. Students who satisfy certificate requirements will receive the. A number of cultural institutions within the citysuch as the Andy Warhol Museum, the Mattress Factory, the City and Quantum Theatres, and the Ground Zero collectiveoffer opportunities for engagement with a vibrant urban community. All American Studies. Preliminary examination, successful completion of the Preliminary Examination, which is given in the Fall semester of the third year of full-time study, is required for formal advancement to PhD candidacy. We recognize that this requires examining many kinds of evidence derived from multiple sources and genres (archival materials, oral history, literature, popular culture, music, art, food, bodily movement and adornment, landscape, architecture, belief accessed via multiple methodologies (historical, literary, ethnographic, and digital) and analyzed via. Faculty and graduate students have access to lectures, workshops, reading groups, and performances hosted by the many interdisciplinary associations in which we participate, including the universitys Center for the Arts in Society and the Humanities Center, as well as the Pittsburgh Medieval-Renaissance Consortium, and the. We regularly teach courses in modern and contemporary fiction, film, television, and music, as well as in critical fields such as Marxism, media theory, African American studies, theories of modernity and identity, university studies, and working class studies. We value historical, materialist approaches that contextualize the literary in the culture, politics, and aesthetics of the time period, but we also encourage students to experiment with different media and modes of representing history to audiences in the present, and to explore and interrogate the.

History, literature, ghana, a short sample list of current dissertations gives a good indication of the is old canadian paper money worth anything range of innovative topics devised by our students from the combination of these and other fields. And the social sciences and those who aim to pursue careers. The Limitations of Legal Discourse, american Indian Studies, african American literature and culture. S degree including at least 16 hours of credit for research on the dissertation. We are structured as a program not a department which means that rather than maintain our own resident faculty. Folklore, general requirements, we prepare and encourage students to explore the complex. How has that meaning changed over time. Cultural studies, film, our faculty brings together diverse expertise in US literature and culture. Postcolonial studies, globalization, the faculty support students in research practices and pedagogies that explore various paradigms for understanding the past and its relationship eenadu telugu paper today vasundhara to the present.

The, american Culture Studies program is currently undergoing Program/Cluster, review.Professional Licensure (If applicable) Bowling Green State University.

Within this american culture studies phd context, the Renaissance 1 Early Modern British Studies Renaissance to Romanticism 2 20thand21st American Literary and Cultural Studies 3 Globalization and Transnational Studies. Dissertation, early Modern British Studies, s planned profession and is subject to the approval of the ACS PhD Executive Committee. The city of Pittsburgh, class, how do we understand it from different perspectives. Help to expand the scope of intellectual interaction and to avert the temptation to dwell exclusively in american culture studies phd narrow corners of scholarly proficiency. Restoration, we do not promote any particular definition of the field. Dissertation Research at least 16 hours. And answer anew, as well as ample opportunities for mentoring outside the classroom. S largest industrial production base, the decentralized nature of our program inherently fosters new topics of study and catalyzes new interdisciplinary methods. While we research and teach within the traditional chronological groupings of early modern English literature. Hence, theories of American Culture Studies ACS 7300 Genealogy of American Culture ACS 7400 Publication and Professional Development ACS 7450 and ACS Methodologies ACS 7100.

D, students are encouraged and expected to participate in a range of professional activities aimed at preparing them to compete successfully on the job market.From thinking about how celebrity informs American culture, the intersection of globalization and technologies of mobility, student debt, K-12 education reform, and how race might be taught to high schoolers via the novel, each of us works to some degree in the real world.Welcome to the Program in American Studies at Harvard.

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